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Are you sabotaging your own success?   

Are you feeling stuck in your business?

Tired of your own excuses, not moving forwards and thinking this was supposed to be ‘easier’?

Listening to all those pesky mindset gremlins that are trying to hold you back? (Helloooo procrastination, self doubt, imposter syndrome, comparisonitis…need I go on?)

You’re tired of watching other people have the success that you want, working long hours, having no time for yourself, feeling like you’re not getting anywhere.

Other people are looking at your dream as a ‘hobby business’ and aren’t taking you seriously and it’s driving you mad because you KNOW how possible it is if you could just DO THE THING!

You feel like you’re juggling Plates.  Stuck and overwhelmed, lacking  focus, struggling to prioritise and ‘life balance’ is something only dreams are made of! Argh!

You just want to have your dream business and do something you love right?  You’re wondering why it’s so HARD for you!?  

Don’t worry…That’s exactly what i’m here for!


Imagine your business (and your life!)…if you just got out of your own way and you weren’t on this constant ROLLERCOASTER of stress and emotions all the time!

Are you ready to find your positive pants and stop self-sabotage for good?

I thought so! 😉

You’re an ambitious female entrepreneur who dreams of going bigger (and KNOWS she can!) You don’t have to do this alone…there’s only so far you can go doing that!

So let’s get you out of your own way and start creating the right mindset for your amazingly successful business, shall we?

Because when you leave all your mindset gremlins and doubt at the door, you really do become a whole new person.  One who believes in herself and trusts her abilities.  One who takes action, gets out of her comfort zone and goes after what she wants.

One who shows up as her most confident, glorious self.

Yep…it’s possible, I promise! 😉

Proactive Pants Mastermind

The road to that successful business and life that you want starts with making the unconscious conscious.  

Getting your brain to work WITH you, not AGAINST you.  

Rewiring your brain & nervous system to be able to take action.

Learning to regulate your emotions so they don’t take over!

…I’m here to help you do juuust that.

I’ve been there, it’s NOT your fault…trust me I know! I’ve been there, done that & got the t-shirt on this stuff!

I was there for a LONG time and even QUIT on my first business because of all the mindset gremlins…until I learned how your brain & nervous system can work against you and how to work with that, how to rewire my brain and nervous system, how traumas & experiences from childhood affect your ability to show up & take action, how to regulate my emotions so I wasn’t consumed by them, how to handle stress!

I LEARNED how to stop comparing myself to others, how to stop fear of judgement, when to recognise what’s REALLY getting in the way, how to be the most confident version of myself, how to overcome overwhelm & procrastination…you know…the fun stuff!

Wait…hang on…you can LEARN that??

That’s right, you can learn it (even though it may not feel that way right now!)

The fact this stuff isn’t taught in school is a HUGE bug bear of mine! How you feel is NOT who you are. Who you are today, is not who you have to be tomorrow.  You’re not broken, or ‘wrong’ and you don’t need ‘fixing’…who knew!

95-99% of everything you do on a daily basis is run by your unconscious…behaviours, thoughts, patterns.  No WONDER we can feel like we keep doing the same thing over and over!  If you’ve been repeating these for YEARS without knowing it…of COURSE you’re not going to know how to change that.  How can you change something you’re not actually aware of?!

BUT…it feels AWFUL when we’re in it!

Wondering WHY we’re not taking action when we KNOW what to do, procrastinating, doubting ourselves, comparing ourselves to other people, thinking ‘what the actual FUDGE is wrong with me?!’


What if I were to tell you you actually have WAY more control over this stuff than you think?  

I can show you how!  

I’m Fran Excell, host of the top 100 business podcast, The Positive Pants Podcast, and I help female business owners overcome self sabotage, stress less & get more done in less time so you can get on with taking action and being the unstoppable success you know deep down you can be!

With accredited qualifications and training in applied neuroscience coaching, transformational coaching, NLP, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and Heartmath ,  I KNOW that external ‘stuff’ follows doing the internal ‘stuff’.  You can’t escape it I’m afraid! I know how to get the brain and body on board with the life and business that you want.

On YOUR terms!

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‘Come hang out with me in my favourite place on the gram where I share plentiful thought provoking shiz niz and many…many stories of cute fluffy animals!

1:1 & Group Coaching

Know you’re ready to create success? I work with a limited number of coaching clients on a 1:1 basis and through my programmes. If you want to uplevel your business and overcome self-sabotage, apply for your spot today!

Journaling Jumpstart

Want to learn to wear your positive pants daily? I’ve put together an entire library filled the same printable journals, coaching exercises, meditations & gratitude journal I use to help you go from Eeyore on a bad day to mindset mastery!


You can’t change these habits, patterns & beliefs overnight…but you CAN absolutely change them!

You started a business to have more freedom.  To do what you love. To spend more time with your loved ones. To have time to take care of you and do more of what lights you up and to help other people.

Well… that’s what was SUPPOSED to happen, right? 

That’s what you were sold by all the ‘gurus’!

Buuuut you’re working longer hours than you did in your 9 to 5. And somehow you feel less free than when you started. You’ve taken ALL the courses, followed all the ‘frameworks’ and wondering why you STILL don’t have that missing piece of the puzzle that would get you where you want to be. Wondering what’s WRONG with you and why it’s not working! URGH! You’re stuck in a rut. And you’re spiralling into a fun little pit of negativity, questioning everything about your life and business.

The only way out is by holding a mirror up my friend.

Let’s change this — together. Let’s give you the tools you need to regulate your emotions, to help you work out what’s REALLY holding you back and get you taking action. No fluff. No B.S. Just simple, straightforward tried and tested brain and body techniques, tools and strategies to set you up for the success you KNOW you’re capable of.  And if you don’t just yet…I do! …And you will 😉

Carole Hallett Mobbs
Expat Life Mentor

Fran has pulled me from the depths of overwhelm, procrastination and every other mindset gremlin available in just a few weeks.

Her unwavering positivity & uncanny ability to see what actually needs doing has literally turned my life around.

I’m now moving forward after almost a year of being stuck. Fran is the Real Deal; no cookie-cutter coaching here.

Keeley Dann
Relationship Coach

There is no getting away with excuses with Fran.

She helps you see where you’re holding yourself back so you can push through the gremlins and take action, which is something I really needed.

I am forever grateful for all her support, encouragement and knowledge!

Brandi Johnson
Marketing Consultant

I’ve made dramatic advances with my business.

I’m on track to finally publish my first book that I’ve been thinking about for over a year!

Her support goes beyond just business goals – she support’s everything you tackle including home, family, health, and wellness.

Find out more about me and how I can help you…

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