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13 ways to find more time in your day

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Are you always saying you don’t have enough time?

Wish you had an extra couple of hours in the day?

It’s time to get honest about how you’re spending it! What or who is a sneaky little time suck for you?

How long do you spend surfing the internet, perusing social media?

Do you watch too much Netflix? Have a thousand emails to get through?

Here are some of my favourite ways to find more time to get the things you want doing DONE!

Schedule, schedule, schedule!

I mean everything, down to scheduling in the time you’re having ‘you’ time. We often wait until we ‘have time’ to do something just for us but it doesn’t have to be that way. You just schedule around it. The bonus is you’ll enjoy it more and won’t feel guilty about taking it!

List all the things you do in your day across the week.

Get honest…Now cross off anything unnecessary and DON’T DO IT!

Learn to say NO.

How much of your time is spent doing things or seeing people that you don’t really want to? The more you say no, the easier and more natural it becomes! It may be difficult at first but enlist some support to get you through all the niggly self-talk. (Join my private group through the link at the bottom and i’ll support you myself!)

What do you assume is a waste of your time that you could use more productively?

Do you have a commute? How do you use your lunch break? Do you prepare for those times when you’re waiting around for things like at the doctors? I am a BIG fan of audiobooks and saving articles on my phone exactly for times like this. I’ve read over 90 books this year so far, so what was previously wasted time is now my ‘learning’ zone!

Eat that Frog.

Brian Tracy’s book teaches that tackling the biggest, ugliest, most difficult task on your list FIRST makes everything else easier and quicker. PLUS you will save so much more time not procrastinating on the big stuff!


What could you batch in one go rather than spreading it across the week? Errands? Text messages to friends? Emails? Can you set an autoresponder to emails saying you’re in meetings and there could be a delay to your response to buy yourself some more time to finish what you’re doing without worrying about anything ‘urgent’ coming into your inbox?

Brain dump to do list.

This is a fave of mine because you still have EXACTLY the same amount to do but the headspace you clear and the time you save from not worrying or procrastinating over all the things you have to do is invaluable! Split a page in 3. On the left write down everything you can think of that you need to do. In the middle be really honest and pick everything that HAS to be done THIS WEEK. Then in the right every day take 3 things from the middle list and just do those! If you get through them super quick then great feel free to add another one. The sense of achievement you’ll feel will be soooo much better than the usual overwhelm.

What takes the time that you could potentially delegate?

What price would you put on your time? Could you put that towards someone you can delegate tasks to, for example, a cleaner or a Virtual Assistant? Can you order your supermarket shopping online instead of actually going?

What distracts you?

Be honest. How can you make sure it doesn’t while you’re focusing on something else? Go through your push notifications on your phone and delete those suckers!


Declutter anything you can think of to declutter. I declutter rooms, draws, emails, google drives, push notifications, phone apps, ANYTHING that stresses you out just to look at it. Schedule in the time for this well in advance so it doesn’t overwhelm you but the headspace it will clear will be SO worth it!!


Again it’s time to get honest with yourself. What truly is the priority? What do you want the free time for? Get really clear on why you want the extra time and what it would mean for you to have it…let the motivation roll in!

Are you an early bird or night owl?

Work out if you’re more productive in the morning or evening and schedule in all the important stuff at those times, you’ll get WAY more done!


Put your clothes out the night before, pack your bag for the next day.

Not all of these will work for everyone but I hope there are a few ideas in there that you can implement straight away.

Here is a video of me discussing how to find more time in your day:

Come join me in my private Facebook community through the links at the bottom if you need any support, I’d really love to see you there.

With Love,


Fran Excell, Mindset & Productivity Coach – Helping Business Owners Overcome Self Sabotage & Get More Done In Less Time at www.franexcell.com


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