Can You Really Make 6 Figures In 6 Months Online?

Can you really make 6 figures in 6 months Online?

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Can you really make 6 figures in 6 months online?

I’m going to get a little blunt and ranty in this post today because there’s something going on that I feel compelled to talk about because it’s a big issue if you’re an online entrepreneur.

I’ve been in the online space for about a while now and what I’m currently seeing makes me sad…and makes me mad.

Have you made 6 figures yet?

There are certain messages that are repeatedly being put out there and served to us in daily advertising that quite simply preys on people’s vulnerabilities.

They prey on people’s fears and it’s causing them to make bad decisions and absolutely cripple their self esteem.

In many cases it’s making people quit altogether because they don’t feel good enough, they don’t feel worthy, question why it’s happening for everyone else and not ME!  What’s wrong with me?!

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:

Insert picture in front of the Eiffel tower sipping champagne in a pair of Chanel sunnies and Louboutin shoes…

“6 months ago I only DREAMED of this being my reality…and now it is! I can show you the EXACT steps I took in my business to quit my corporate job and make 6 figures in JUST 6 months”

Or this:

Insert similar picture…ooooh this time maybe on a luxury yacht!

“Are you an Entrepreneur…or a Wantrepreneur?! You need to get out of your corporate job right now and go ALL IN or you’ll simply NEVER get there!”

There are a few things wrong with both of these scenarios and they are ALL too common.

6 figures in 6 months my eye!

I’ll begin at the beginning and tackle the first one. We are being BOMBARDED with statements of ‘6 figures in 6 months’ every….single…day.

The first problem is, this is NOT everybody’s goal…and if it’s not YOUR goal, you shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it. Whoever kicked this one off I would love to give a good firm shake!

What’s the MAIN issue?

The main issue is it shames anyone earning less than 6 figures and makes people feel ‘less than’…which is RIDICULOUS!

The majority of people in the country aren’t earning 6 figures and above (The average salary in the UK 2016/17 was £26,500!!!) and if that wasn’t a goal in your job…it doesn’t have to be in your business.

If your business makes enough to sustain you and pay the bills that is a SPECTACULAR achievement, whether it’s £10k, £30k or £100k.

Don’t let anybody else’s benchmarks get in the way of you doing your thing OR make you feel anything less than incredible just for backing yourself…plenty of people wouldn’t!

It’s become a badge of honour that simply didn’t exist before, as if anything under £100,000 is just NOT good enough and that’s certainly not the case.

Do your due diligence

The next thing wrong with this picture is the sheer amount of people claiming it…that aren’t actually doing it…is insane!

You REALLY have to do your due diligence on this one. If it looks too good to be true it usually is. There ARE people in the online space who have integrity and cut out the BS, look for them!

The reality is that 6 figures in 6 months IS achievable, if you’re already established, have an audience and have a product or service.

I’m sure there are magical unicorns out there who have done it BUT the part that the majority of people are missing out is the year or more of hustling that went before it.

So again, you’re being given a totally unrealistic benchmark and it’s breeding horrendous self doubt when people don’t hit it, please try and remember that you never see the whole picture and trust your gut. Trust your sleazeometer….it’s usually right!

There is also an element of allowing people to believe what they want.

Hang on…so, did your business make that gross total? Net profit? Did you pay yourself that as a salary? All VERY different numbers!

YOU set your goals, not the industry.

The EXACT steps you need!

PLUS…please watch out for ‘EXACT’ steps…again do your due diligence.

If someone built an audience of thousands but it was back in 2015…or even 2017 when algorithms were TOTALLY different, GDPR wasn’t imminent, Facebook wasn’t pay to play and organic growth was far easier.

You are benchmarking yourself against an unrealistic goal again here.

The goal posts were moved and the reality is it’s MUCH harder today than it was even 1 year ago and when your audience isn’t growing as fast as other people claim there’s did, it again makes you question your self worth, your ability and makes you second guess yourself.

It’s SO easy to quit when you feel this way and I just don’t want that for you.

You CAN do it, it’s all there right in front of you but it takes time, work and the right mindset to get you there.

What if you have a job, are you still a REAL entrepreneur?

The next thing I want to talk about is all this ‘job bashing’ that’s going on.

The sense that if you’re still in a 9-5 job that you aren’t REALLY an entrepreneur/business owner.

That it’s a dirty little secret that means you’re not as good as everybody else.

Here’s the thing with that.

It’s absolute BS.

There are more people today with side hustles than ever before.

More people creating extra income streams into their lives without leaving their 9-5.

There are more corporate jobs being replaced by artificial intelligence than ever before….who’s going to come out on top?

Having a job while you build your business can be one of the most sensible things you can do.

Here’s why.

You can INVEST in yourself. You have the income to invest into business set up, learning, development, team members, support networks, coaches etc.

The pressure is OFF. I see time and time again people taking on clients who were clearly not right and then people being burned for thousands of pounds because they ‘couldn’t’ turn away the money.

You can get a mortgage!!

Here comes the fear!

The reality is if you just quit without knowing you’re covered for at least a little while, you are hugely likely to go straight into scarcity and lack mode.

The fear centre of your brain will go CRAZY, you’ll not make the best decisions for you and often it will stop you in your tracks.


I know, i’ve done it once before and it wasn’t pretty!!

So what’s the point here?

It’s time to STOP listening to and measuring yourself against totally unrealistic goals.

Your self worth and ability is NOT tied to other people’s opinions, it’s tied to YOURS!

You really can do and have it all and there is NO shame in having a job and NO shame in not hitting 6 figures yet.  It’s about being realistic.

Realistic and sensible with your time, your risks, your investment and your expectation.

You absolutely CAN and WILL do this. I can help you navigate all these inevitable mindset gremlins, you don’t have to do this on your own!

Just don’t give up.  You’ve got this!

If you want to explore further or have any questions come join me in my private community below…we’re a supportive bunch and love to help!


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