No More Self Sabotaging…Time To Get Out Of Your Own Way!

Let’s get you out of your own way so you can finally build a business you love.



Hey Lady!

I’m Fran Excell, I’m a Certified Mindset Coach and Mentor who’ll help you le go of the ‘shoulds’ and achieve success on your terms.

Guess what, you can make great money doing work you love without feeling like you’re pushing water uphill in a constant battle with yourself.

That’s where I come in…I help Female Entrepreneurs like you navigate the inevitable mindset gremlins that come with having a business (yep…they’re inevitable…you’re not actually bonkers!)

Those pesky gremlins that will try to keep you stuck, overwhelmed, procrastinating, or worse, cause you to quit when you’re actually onto a good thing…urgh!

You already have all the answers you need inside your noggin — I’ll help you find them.

Get rid of negative self-talk….Become an action-taking success.


If you’re trying to grow your business but you’re frustrated with yourself, struggling with negativity, self-doubt, procrastination, lack of organisation, confidence or need some help just getting yourself to do those things you reeeeally want to…but just can’t seem to, then you are in the right place my friend!

I’m here to help you find your Positive Pants, Proactive Pants, Big Girl Pants and allll the other pants you need, pull em up and KEEP em up! 

The bottom line is if you’re negative and miserable about where you’re at in your business right now it WILL affect how you feel and think about most other things in your life..and what you think you’re capable of.  

You need to build that positive foundation in your mindset FIRST so you can battle the inevitable mindset gremlins that are a TOTALLY normal part of the process.  The procrastination, the overwhelm, the imposter syndrome, the comparisonitis and all that good stuff.

Once you can understand it’s a part of the process (your brain can play some tricksy games!) and you have someone (moi!) with you along the way to firstly help you build your positive mindset and then help you navigate the gremlins, you will get where you’re going much faster….and make sure you DON’T GIVE UP!

I let them get the better of me once before and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

It’s not as easy as it sounds to know how and it can be seriously overwhelming…if you don’t have the right tools.  

In reality it’s simple, BUT it isn’t easy.

That’s where I come in, to teach you exactly how to take back control from your mindset gremlins and open ENDLESS possibilities for yourself through simple tools and techniques that I use in my life every single day.  

It doesn’t need to take you the YEARS of reading, studying and research it did me.

I’ve fine tuned the best tools from transformational coaching, neuro-coaching, positive psychology and NLP (with a little bit of down to earth, science backed Woo Woo for good measure!) to get you feeling more positive, productive AND proactive in a fraction of the time it took myself, the key is self awareness and action.

Look, You’ve got big dreams.. You know, deep down, you’re meant for more.

But the doubts and questions play in your head like a broken record…

Am I good enough?

Who do I think I am to be charging these prices?

Do I even have what it takes to be successful?

To top it off, even when you KNOW what to do you find yourself constantly stopping yourself…

I’ll do that tomorrow, next week, next month, when X happens.

I won’t apply for the awesome speaking gig i’m not ready.

I can’t share this post yet — it’s not perfect what will people think?!

I can’t raise my prices, people won’t pay.

And on it goes. Fun right?

Negative thoughts lead to self-sabotaging actions (which is NO action a lot of the time!)   Overhelm, Imposter Syndrome, Comparisonitis and self-doubt all take turns in the driver’s seat of your mind.

Sound familiar? Yep…that’s your BRAIN working against you.

But what if I told you that with the right support, you could make your brain work for you?

That by tackling your beliefs head on, you can start taking the action, increasing your income, amplifying your impact, and even create success on YOUR own terms?

I know this to be true because I’ve lived it Lady.
I’ve walked the path a million times and done my reps.
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt on this stuff and come out the other side swinging!

Everything I learned has been tried and tested, to help myself and my clients.

And I can help you master your mindset, too.


This may sound over simplistic, but it really is all down to one thing …your own mindset.

Which can be hard to flip around on your own (trust me, I tried for a long time)!

I spent countless hours researching and reading, paid tens of thousands on courses, qualifications and coaching and I completely and utterly fell in love with everything I was learning…seriously this stuff is PURE GOLD.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping women like you.

What started as a personal journey to make over my own mindset eventually became my dream business.

Now as a Certified Mindset coach, I’m ready and raring to go to help you find your positive pants.

I have a little gift of combining the practical and intuitive (i.e I can pick up on all your stories and beliefs that are keeping you stuck!), and helping my clients look at life through a totally different lens.

I can help you build a business you love through my 1:1 programs, Mastermind and The Positive Pants Podcast.

Fran Excell Certified Mindset Coach and Mentor
Proactive Pants Mastermind

Whether you’re wanting to:

  • Stop self sabotage.
  • Find the confidence to do the things in your business you’ve been holding yourself back from.
  • Actually take positive action on those things you know you want AND need to!
  • Find a way to set…and actually stick to (!) your goals.
  • Be more organised.
  • Have more focus.
  • Stop feeling so overwhelmed and worried all the time.
  • Stop wasting time procrastinating.
  • Stop being a negative Nelly.
  • Uncover the REAL root of what is holding you back and finally move forward.
  • Or just get the heck out of your own way…I can help you finally make a change.  

You’re not here by accident my friend.

Don’t waste any more time settling for less than you’re capable of, take action, make decisions and take control back! 

Some random facts to help you get to know me: 

  • If you haven’t guessed already, I’m obsessed with dogs.
  • I live in the English countryside, after a decade in London, and LOVE being surrounded by all things green and flowery.
  • I had a successful career in corporate advertising for 14 years working on some huge national brands.
  • I’m an inspirational quote and stationary junkie. 
  • I’m a recovering pessimist who used to worry about EVERYTHING to the point it made me quit on my first business! 
  • I challenge myself to read a minimum of 1 book per week on self-development, business or psychology.
  • I’m a serial over-sharer 😉
  • I’m very superstitious and always make wishes on dandelions and eyelashes… What if right ?
  • I trained as a silversmith and jewellery was my first business.
  • I believe that everything happens for a reason.

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Journaling Jumpstart

Want to learn to wear your positive pants daily? I’ve put together an entire library filled the same printable journals, coaching exercises, trackers and quotes I use to help you go from Eeyore on a bad day to mindset mastery!

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