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Hey you!

I’m Fran Excell, I’m a certified mindset coach and mentor.  I help ambitious women navigate the inevitable mindset gremlins that come along with having a business that will try to keep you stuck, or worse, cause you to quit when you’re onto a good thing…pesky gremlins!

If you’re trying to start a business alongside your job but you’re frustrated with yourself, struggling with negativity, self-doubt, procrastination, lack of organisation, confidence or need some help just getting yourself to do those things you reeeeally want to…but just can’t seem to, then you are in the right place my friend!

I’m here to help you find your Positive Pants, pull em up and KEEP em up! 

Life is WAY too short to spend it wishing it away Monday-Friday, living for the weekend.

You only get one.

The bottom line is if you’re negative and miserable Mon-Fri it WILL affect how you feel and think about most other things in your life..and what you think you’re capable of.  

You need to build that positive foundation in your mindset FIRST so you can battle the inevitable mindset gremlins that are a TOTALLY normal part of the process.  The procrastination, the overwhelm, the imposter syndrome, the comparisonitis and all that good stuff.

Once you can understand it’s a part of the process (your brain can play some tricksy games!) and you have someone with you along the way to firstly help you build your positive mindset and then help you navigate the gremlins, you will get where you’re going much faster….and make sure you DON’T GIVE UP!

I spent FAR too long and wasted FAR too much precious time believing the opposite for myself and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


It’s not as easy as it sounds to know how and it can be seriously overwhelming…if you don’t have the right tools.  

In reality it’s simple, BUT it isn’t easy.

That’s where I come in, to teach you exactly how to take back control from your inner b*tch and open ENDLESS possibilities for yourself through simple tools and techniques that I use in my life every single day.  

It doesn’t need to take you YEARS of reading and research like it did me.

I have fine tuned the best tools i’ve learned over the years to get you feeling happier and more positive in a fraction of the time it took myself, the key is to take action.

I was stuck in such a negative rut and just couldn’t seem to see a way out.  

Every waking moment of my day was a struggle because I couldn’t find the positive in ANYTHING.

I realised something had to change when I went into the doctor’s for a bad knee but completely broke down and ended up coming out with antidepressants.  

I got home and felt deflated and defeated.  I felt lost.

Fast forward to now and everything is different!

That moment changed everything for me.  Instead of taking those tablets, I went on a mission to learn everything I could about self-development techniques to drag myself out of it, I love learning more and more every day.  

This may sound over simplistic, but it really is all down to one thing …your own mindset.

Which can be hard to flip around on your own (trust me, I tried for a long time)!

I spent countless hours researching and reading, paid tens of thousands on courses and coaching and I completely and utterly fell in love with the industry and everything I was learning and the way changing my mindset was transforming my life…and interestingly those around me too.

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping women like you.

I wanted to find a way to help women in similar situations live happier, more positive and more fulfilling lives in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.  

I’m now running my own business (this one, right here!) that I’m truly passionate about where I get to help other women just like you get themselves unstuck, take control and fall back in love with their life and realise that anything is possible!

I went from bringing everyone else down around me, like a complete Eeyore (trust me, I was NOT fun to be around and will be forever grateful to the friends and loved ones who stuck with me! Yikes!) and struggling with some serious anxiety, to managing it completely out of existence and inspiring other people to make transformative changes in their own lives and helping them realise they really can do anything they set their minds to.

I call it my ‘Meh’ to ‘Whoohoo’ transformation!


Whether you’re wanting to:

  • Find the confidence to start the business you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Go for a big promotion.
  • Change career but you have NO idea what you want to do.
  • Find your own ‘big idea’ and passion in life.
  • Find a way to set…and actually stick to (!) your goals.
  • Be more organised.
  • Manage overwhelm and stop procrastinating.
  • Learn to manage your anxiety.
  • Stop being negative.
  • Uncover the root of what is holding you back and finally move forward.
  • Or just be happier with what you have now, I can help you finally make a change.  

You KNOW there is more to life than this! You’re not here by accident.

Don’t waste any more time on mediocre, take action, make decisions and take control back! 

Some random facts to help you get to know me: 

  • If you haven’t guessed already, I’m obsessed with dogs. If you hate dogs we probably won’t get on very well 😉
  • I live in the English countryside, after a decade in London, and LOVE being surrounded by all things green and flowery.
  • I had a successful career in corporate for 12 years working on some huge national brands.
  • I’m an inspirational quote and stationary junkie. 
  • I’m a recovering pessimist who used to worry about EVERYTHING! 
  • I challenge myself to read a minimum of 1 book per week on self-development or psychology.
  • I’m a serial over-sharer.
  • I’m very superstitious and always make wishes on dandelions and eyelashes… What if right ?
  • I trained as a silversmith and make my own jewellery.
  • I’m obsessed with hygge – being cosy is my happy place!
  • I believe that everything happens for a reason.

If that hasn’t put you off then Click here to find out more about working with me…

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