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Where are you not taking action in your business?

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Where are you not taking action?

Are you taking action towards the things you want?

So often I see people up to the eyeballs in strategy, but not doing anything with it.

You know what to do….you’re just not doing it!

You can tie yourself up in knots trying to be in all the places or doing all the busy tasks that make you THINK you’re taking action but there’s usually a pesky little gremlin or two hiding behind the reason you’re not actually taking action on those things that you know would make a difference to where you are right now.

You need to work out what those gremlins are or you’re going to continue to stay stuck and not moving forward.

So where in your business (or your life!) are you not taking the action you know you want and/or need to right now?

What are you holding yourself back from?

Do you spend more time thinking about, talking about and planning something rather than actually doing the thing?

When we do this (and we’ve all done it at some point i’m sure!) we have a tendency to hide behind all these ‘practical’ reasons that we can’t do something that do a very good job at making it believable to us that it’s true, that we really can’t do it.

But they really aren’t legitimate reasons the majority of the time. They’re just your own excuses.

So what is your main excuse? Is it time? Money? Not feeling ready? Too busy? Family? Waiting ‘until’?

We ALL do this at some point, it’s SO easy to get caught up in it and I have to call myself out on my own excuses ALL the time.

Recently I was telling myself I couldn’t run a live event because of time, having connections at the right venues to get a good deal (venues in London are PRICEY!), having the time to negotiate a good deal….ALL sorts of excuses!!

It could have kept me stuck but I know myself well enough to call myself out on my own BS and know that it’s just one of those pesky inevitable mindset gremlins because it’s new, outside my comfort zone and I was feeling overwhelmed looking at the big picture.

Yep I do it too! But not for long. I asked myself, what are my resources and is any of this stuff I’m telling myself REALLY true?

Guess what the answer was….a big fat no and reminded myself that one of my favourite people in the world owns her own events company in London ha!

Now my first event, which has been a dream of mine for a long time, is in the process of getting sorted right now (Positive Pants Planning Live in London on the 5th January in case you’re wondering!)

But the difference here is I called and continue to call myself out on my own rubbish AND I pulled on my resources and asked for help.

You get to choose for it to be easier, or harder.

I choose easier…sometimes it takes me a moment but I get there in the end.

We all too often get caught up in the excuses or not wanting to bother people and ALL THE THOUGHTS and all the ‘what ifs’ that we end up just doing nothing and staying where we’re at.

Remember you really don’t have to do everything on your own. There are SO many things that can stop us from taking action and we get to make that choice.

Underneath it all, fear is the main thing I see getting in people’s way, really at the crux of everything we’re afraid of something.

Whether that’s success, failure, judgement, what having it brings into or takes out of our lives. SO many things.

And the good news…this is VERY sortable.

The irony is the best way to get over your fear, is to do the thing you’re fearing!

If you can identify what the fear actually is behind it and what assumptions you’re making about what will happen when you do it you can start to challenge it. Which is THE most powerful thing you can do.

So what is it stopping you right now? What negative thing do you think doing the thing you’re putting off could bring into your life?

The bigger question is, do you even REALLY want it? Are you building something someone told you you ‘should’ want or do you feel like you ‘should’ want it but deep down you really don’t?

All really key questions to ask yourself.

Identify WHERE in your business you’re not taking the action and take it from there.

The tasks that fill you with dread, or the task that always seem to end up at the bottom of the to do list even though you KNOW they would make a difference to your business. The tasks you’re making excuses for not doing but continue to niggle at the back of your brain. What are they?

What small thing could you do on these tasks today, right now, that would push you closer to your goal?

Every one of these put together will help you grow in confidence, calm down the fear centre of your brain and allow you to take more and more action and finally hit your goal!

When you picture your ideal business a year, or 5 years from now, what ‘thing’ is already done? Is it a book you want to write? Your own podcast? Being featured in national press? Speaking gigs?

I want you to really have a think about where you’re making excuses to not do things and challenge yourself on if they’re really true.

The fear and frustration with yourself for not taking action won’t go away until…guess what…you take action.

Think about the end game.

What’s the best and worst that can happen if you do it, what’s the best and worst that will happen if you don’t do it?! Two of my favourite questions to get me into action, I hope you use them.

Connect to that vision of yourself in the future when it’s done, how do you feel? How much more head space do you have? What are you doing? Are you happier there?

If you are then let’s get going and do the thing! Deep breath and GO!

I’m always here to help. If you know that now is the time to start changing things for yourself and want to explore this further, have any questions or want some accountability to make sure you’re doing the things you need to then please book in a free discovery call so we can see what needs to happen to get you from where you’re at right now, to the successful business owner you know you can be!! All the details are in the link below and I hope to see you on the inside.


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