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Are You Just Exhausted?

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Are You Just Exhausted?


Are you exhausted right now?


I’m seeing sooooooooo many business owners feeling it right now.


This lingering ‘funk’ where you kind of just want the world to stop for a month so you can have a proper break.


But you feel like you can’t.


It seems like it’s everywhere right now.


I’ve felt it too at times.


If you’ve been listening for a while you’ll know I’m always talking about your mental checklist.


That little list you go through when you’re in a funk before you decide the problem is YOU and have an existential crisis. 


So, on mine is, what time of the month is it?  What’s going on outside my business right now? Have I drunk enough water?  What have I been eating?  Have I been boozing?  How have I been sleeping? Have I been taking my supplements?


But there’s one big thing we all need to actually recognise and take stock of at some point.


The covid exhaustion is REAL!


The social media exhaustion is REAL!


The last 18 months have been utterly bizarre and we can’t deny that. Just because some of us loved the slowing down that Covid created, doesn’t mean we weren’t in a perpetual state of some level of fight, flight or freeze stress response.


Our brains crave certainty.  We haven’t had a whole lot of that recently.


Our brain and nervous system doesn’t like change and we’ve had TONNES of it recently.


Increasing costs of living, not being able to get away, feeling nervous to have a break (whether you’re in a job or have your own business!) because it could impact financially.


We’ve lost relationships because of distance.  In some cases that may be positive, in others not so much.


Many of us have lost people. 


Many of us haven’t known what to do next or what the future holds.


Many of us have been way more sedentary than we would have been before.  


Many of us have eaten more than we would have before and have gained a few covid lbs. 


Many of us aren’t feeling great about ourselves going back into the big wide world.


Many of us are still anxious about being in the big wide world in general!


As much as we slowed down temporarily it has meant in many cases we’re working HARDER now. We’re on our screens more.


Social media became our method of connecting even MORE and that addiction is now running even DEEPER.  


We’re all navigating this incredibly weird time.  That’s going to take its toll!


On your brain, your nervous system, your energy!


And it’s entirely possible it might make you feel a little in a funk.


I was talking to Mr T about social media earlier, which kind of inspired this (Thanks Tobes!) We have a difference of opinion on social media for sure.


He’s VERY anti all of it. Which makes sense because one of his core values is connection but to WHERE and WHEN you are. I see social media as connection, he sees it as the death of it.  


We’re probably both right and both wrong.


It’s no secret that I can’t stand Facey B.  I’m only on there for my paid for programmes, in and out, serious discipline not to scroll but I see things sometimes and so much of it hurts my heart.


I feel people’s anger.  I feel people’s fear.  I see the bad behaviour that comes from those things.  It’s toxic in my eyes. 


But I enjoy instagram. I know it has it’s dark corners for sure, particularly for the younger generation but I find it very easy to curate what I want to see.  So I have fun there and can see it as a force for good, if that’s what you choose to make it.


But he’s definitely right in that people are spending way more time on social media, amplified by Covid I imagine.


We’re in there comparing ourselves.  Looking for external validation.  Getting lost in mindless scroll holes.


Facey B, Whatsapp and Insta went offline for an evening and I saw so many people panic.  Or talk about how they used the time, on a Monday evening, to work distraction free.


Something just doesn’t sit right here, no?!


Are you ever taking the time to actually allow yourself to switch off?


There’s no denying we are addicted to social media, they know that, we know that. I catch myself in it too. 


We have to find some self discipline and awareness to listen to what our mind and our body needs.


I can’t bang on about this enough.


Even if you’re working like a dog, how can you get some balance somewhere?


Mr T and I last weekend literally planned to do NOTHING and it was so needed and glorious. It’s so easy to just work, work, work.


Especially if you enjoy what you do.


On top of all this people are beating themselves up for being in a funk!


But people are exhausted and it’s no surprise why!


How can you break out of the cycle?


What could you do to even make a 1% difference. 


Is that time outside, connecting with someone in person, who can help you get what you need.  It’s very easy to say ‘I can’t’ but how about reframing that to ‘how can I’ and check in with yourself to see if that ‘can’t’ is really true.  It might be!  But it’s worth checking right?!



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