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Are the beliefs holding you back even yours?

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Are the beliefs you hold so tightly onto, even yours?


Are you thinking, what are you banging on about, of course my beliefs are mine?!


Well, We’re actually born with just two innate fears.  Just two.


Falling, and loud noises.  You can see how they’re designed to keep us safe and…alive!


All the others are picked up along the way through your own experiences, people in a position of authority or caregivers, society, TV, friends, environment, movies, the list goes on.


Silly example for you but think about it.  When you were young, how did you learn that ghosts and monsters were something to be feared?  


Or today, that being thin is ‘better’ than being fat?  Ask someone who lived a couple of centuries ago and the opposite was true!


So why does all this matter in the first place?


Well, when 95-99% of everything you do is run by your unconscious, if you’re running your life from beliefs and programming that isn’t even yours and are now your absolute beliefs, your absolute truths…why would you even think to challenge them? 


So you’ll continue to let them hold you back, without even realising they are. 


The brain is always searching for ‘meaning’ and patterns that make things make sense and forming beliefs is how it does this, it will then consistently gather the evidence that supports it, whether it’s a belief that serves you or limits you it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ it just likes to deal in it’s own ‘facts.’  


This is how your beliefs shape your reality.


It’s why we’re attracted to certain people, shared values which are essentially beliefs. Consistent reinforcement on a daily basis!


But if these beliefs are limiting your thinking and therefore your actions in any way, it’s easy to see how they can hold you back and keep you stuck in stucksville without an obvious way forward.


Your brain will actively seek out the evidence that your belief is truth, and actively ignore evidence to the contrary.


Your beliefs are often formed by other people’s ‘opinions’ which are formed from their beliefs.  Opinions about you, other people, the world, what’s right and wrong.


Have a think about what core beliefs you were taught growing up.  By your parents, your friends, teachers, family members, tv, advertising.


Your beliefs around success, money, what it means to run a business, friendships, yourself and your own abilities, any area of your life right now where you feel held back.


Beliefs are there to keep you safe.


They give you a level of stability, even if they aren’t actually serving you.  


It’s your normal, your comfort zone.  It’s how YOU make sense of the world around you…and in your own head! It’s why sometimes something can feel so obvious to you but someone else just can’t seem to ‘get’ it.  Because they are running things from their own sets of beliefs.


In short, your beliefs dictate your emotions, thoughts and therefore, your actions as your brain works to always provide the evidence to back them up for you…how kind of it!  Which of course…all dictates your results!


And a huge amount of them were formed when you were just a child…so they could be due an update!


Shift that needle from limiting to empowering!


The thing is, MOST people don’t or won’t do this, so you’re already a step ahead by being here.


If you’re not getting the results you want in your life or your business at the moment, take a look at your thoughts and beliefs!


So, what would happen if you changed some of those beliefs?  What doors and opportunities could open up for you?


Isn’t it freeing to know that you can disprove them if you choose to? Change them if you choose to?  Allow them to help you rather than hinder? To know that how things are right now doesn’t even have to be how they are tomorrow?


I mean wowzers, look how much power you have over your own life just by challenging a few thoughts and beliefs that you’ve been hanging onto…majority of which aren’t even yours in the first place!?


So here’s an exercise for you.  


Question yourself about the beliefs that hold you back, write them down, challenge them, are they really true?  


Where did they come from in the first place?  


What evidence do you already have that proves them not to be true that you just hadn’t noticed?  


What’s a more accurate belief that will serve you going forward? 


You can find out what they are in so many ways but a really easy way is to do a ‘finish the sentence’ exercise.  So, for example if you want to find your beliefs around being successful you can start with;

When I’m successful it means…

I can’t be successful because…

Success is…


Allow your subconscious to come up with the answers by saying it out loud and just letting it flow.


Then the fun bit is challenging them and finding your new ones. 


What’s a more helpful belief? 


This game can be SO useful in so many ways.  It can help you with finding your values, it can help with finding the next step you need to take.  It’s allowing you to get your brain to work WITH you.   


Write down your new beliefs, stick them on your wall in plain sight, turn them into your affirmations, do whatever you need to do to ingrain them into that unconscious mind of yours so you can create new habits, which lead to new actions and new results!


It also makes you more aware to the fact that beliefs aren’t necessarily true and there COULD be another way, or a different belief that will serve you better…so you start to think that way naturally.  


You start to question the stories you’re telling yourself and whether they’re true.  

You’re no longer stuck in the stuckness!  


You analyse things differently, question things differently, use the part of the brain for problem solving rather than just shutting it down.  


Think about what that could open up for you?  Think about the difference that could make to your life and your business?  Think of all the things you’d try or do that you wouldn’t have normally…and all those NEW results you could get!


Liberating right!??


When you change a belief, everything can change!  And if you want my help, you know where I am 😉


If you know that now is the time to start changing things for yourself and want to explore this further, have any questions or want some accountability to make sure you’re doing the things you need to then please book in a free discovery call so we can see what needs to happen to get you from where you’re at right now, to the successful business owner you know you can be!! 




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