Bounce Back Series: Moira Doherty, Business Coach For The Over 45s - Fran Excell Mindset and Productivity Mentor

Bounce Back Series: Moira Doherty, Business Coach For The Over 45s

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Bounce Back Series: Moira Doherty, Business Coach For The Over 45s


Welcome back to The Bounce Back Series.  I have a treat for you today in the form of Moira Doherty, a previous client of mine who is talking the world by storm!


As a 61-year-old serial entrepreneur, she is now shining the light on women aged 45 and over, who feel they have missed their career opportunity in life and help them fulfil their own dreams.  Moira wants them to know anything is possible, and she hopes her success later in life, shows what can be achieved.


Moira’s movement for older women, is called “life Begins at 45” and is rapidly growing. These are women who want to stand up and be counted and feel there’s something more for them out there, much like she did 30 years ago when she embarked on running her first business.


Moira’s success has been super quick and has been born out of a time of great sadness for her.  She really is the epitome of showing up for yourself and living life to the fullest.


If you’re a woman over 45 and you’re inspired by Moira’s story make sure you go find here through any of the links below!

Moira Doherty Business Coach FB page



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