How to recognise overwhelm

How to recognise overwhelm Uh oh…here comes overwhelm!  Are you always feeling like you’re ‘spinning your wheels’?   Like you just can’t keep up or that everything is going wrong, you’re SO [...]


The Top 7 Inevitable Entrepreneurial Mindset Gremlins

Top 7 Inevitable Entrepreneurial Mindset Gremlins Ahhhh the pesky inevitable entrepreneurial mindset gremlins. They can really hold you back, keep you stuck in self sabotage and stop you from [...]


Why multitasking is bad…and why you don’t have time for it!

Why multitasking is bad…and why you don’t have time for it! Do you wear your ability to multitask as a badge of honour? But yet always feel a little bit like you’re spinning your wheels and [...]


How To Get Out Of Overwhelm And Into Action

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Journaling Basics, Most Frequently Asked Questions

6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Journaling Now, Journaling is my ‘Jam’…it’s what I credit with completely turning my life around when I was in my own little pit of negativity [...]


Journaling When You Hate Writing

How to Journal when you hate writing Journaling is a BIG topic these days.  I come across so many people in my business who have a desire to use a journal but the thought of sitting there with [...]


16 ways to stop procrastinating and get stuff done

 “Procrastination is the thief of time” – Edward Young Ahhh procrastination….the thing that gets in the way of all those things we want to do or need to do but just can’t seem to [...]


13 ways to find more time in your day

Are you always saying you don’t have enough time? Wish you had an extra couple of hours in the day? It’s time to get honest about how you’re spending it! What or who is a sneaky little time suck [...]