Is The Fear Of Success Holding You Back?

Is The Fear Of Success Holding You Back? Do you fear your own success? You’re probably thinking, ‘WHAT? No, of course not, it’s everything i’m working towards why on earth would I fear getting [...]


When Life Happens and You’ve Got to show up!

We’ve all been there. We’ve got a TONNE to do and then….life happens. A spanner in the works, the proverbial hitting the fan if you will. We can slip right back into the negative thought patterns [...]


Where are you not taking action in your business?

Where are you not taking action? Are you taking action towards the things you want? So often I see people up to the eyeballs in strategy, but not doing anything with it. You know what to [...]


Let Go Of Perfectionism

Let go of perfectionism Perfectionism is a BIG mindset gremlin when it comes to getting yourself and your business out there into the big wide world.   It’s a HUGE thing that I see holding people [...]