How to do a digital declutter…and why you should do it for a positive mindset!

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How to do a digital declutter…and why you should do it for a positive mindset!

Why should you do a digital declutter?

So what does a digital declutter have to do with a positive mindset?

We all know what it feels like to not feel organised.  Not good right?  You feel stressed out, overwhelmed, you procrastinate because you don’t know where to start and you feel like you have to do allll the things so you end up doing NONE of the things right?

We’re also so connected ALL THE TIME and often have to deal with seeing things that make us unhappy, feel bad about ourselves, give us FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), make us compare ourselves to unrealistic targets and generally make ourselves not feel good.


How do we stop the madness?

Something I have been doing for the last few years REALLY helps with all of this.  

A digital declutter.  

Turning my social media into a force for good not evil…whoop!

No more feeling bad about not being invited somewhere then seeing all the photos of people having a GREAT time, about not looking as good in a bikini, about not being as successful, about not having the perfect relationship…*insert yours here!

Practical ways to do a digital declutter:

So i’m going to give you some practical ways to declutter your digital life…so it can improve your non digital life.  

Get you feeling more positive, less stressed, more in control, less overwhelmed.  

Sound good?


Here goes…

This is going to be like when you first go on a diet, you want to remove all the temptation first, you want to make sure the cupboards are stocked with things that will make you feel good right?

Social Media:

Turn your social media into a force for good!  Decrease the negative content and increase the positive with your social digital declutter.

Like and follow pages and groups with uplifting content that makes you feel good and puts you in a positive space and makes you look at the world in a positive way.  

Have a facebook cull!  Anyone who you aren’t really ‘friends’ with or who doesn’t make you feel good then unfriend, it’s that simple.  

If you’re likely to bump into them so unfriending would be awkward then you can use the magic ‘unfollow’ button.

Go through your liked pages and groups and unlike/leave any that don’t serve you and join ones that do…and get involved in the community it’s a great way to get the most out of being there (you can join mine at the bottom of the page, i’d love to have you there!).

Go to your ‘Saves’ and take the link and put them in a spreadsheet so you can organise them into topics and easily find what you’re looking for and you always have a go to place for any information you need.  Recipes, exercises, motivational or uplifting videos, cat videos (!), useful content!

Unfollow accounts that give you a massive case of ‘comparisonitis’on Instagram.  Follow accounts that inspire you and make you feel good and are thought provoking or escapism, accounts that bring something positive to you life.  Unfollow the rest!

Also, remember that ‘perfect shot’ you see on Insta…is probably one of hundreds and not a ‘first take’.  

Your Email:

One at a time go through each email account you have and create folders, be ruthless and delete any that you don’t actually need and get your inbox down to a simple to-do list and file every time something is completed.

Here’s a few to get you started:Family, Friends, Money, Receipts, Important information, utilities.  

It will make it MUCH easier to find what you’re looking for and you can use sub categories to be EVEN more organised!

Unsubscribe from any emails that you don’t want to get any more, or emails that make you procrastinate more, like offers. Make sure you check them first before you click unsubscribe just in case they’re useful 😉


Google drive can be your best friend when it comes to a good digital declutter.  The thing I love about it is you can log in anywhere, you don’t have to worry about losing your files or anything not being saved, it’s all automatic!

Dropbox is a great back up for your documents and a great way to keep organised.  You can have a certain amount of storage for free before you upgrade.

Do you stress out over remembering all your passwords?  You can make a note in your phone so they’re always to hand but go one better with much tighter security and look into ‘Last Pass’ or ‘1Password’ and never worry about it again!

Documents and Desktop:

Go through your documents and delete anything unneeded and create folders for what you want to keep.  Don’t forget to go through your downloads too.

Sort your bookmarks and delete any that you don’t need anymore so you can find the things you DO need more easily.

Analyse your shortcuts on your desktop. If you open your computer and see hundreds of shortcuts how do you feel?  Get em down!

Your Phone:

Go through the apps on your phone and delete any that you don’t use or need. Be ruthless!  Delete any that you know you use as a distraction.

Group them into folders or onto separate pages so you can always find what you need.

Give yourself the best chance

To give yourself the best chance at doing your digital declutter schedule some time in your diary and do it in stages.  Pick the area above that causes you the most stress and do that one first.

And remember, as Einstein said ‘Out of clutter, find simplicity.’

If you want to explore further or have any  questions come join me in my private community below…we’re a supportive bunch and love to help!


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