Do You Know How To Listen To Your Intuition?

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Do you listen to your intuition?


Do you listen to your intuition?  Do you even know what it ‘sounds’….or more accurately ‘feels’ like?


I call my intuition my Spidey senses and they’re pretty strong to be honest.


Listening to them and obeying them however, I do sometimes fall down on. Old patterns will sometimes cause that.


BUT  I’ve definitely learned over the years that if I DO ignore them, or override them…there will be consequences.


Your spidey senses are VERY important.  


Particularly when making decisions.  But if you’ve got used to ignoring them or haven’t listened to them in a while you’ve got to start getting ‘back in touch’.


Your spidey senses, aka your intuition, is essentially your brain and your nervous system communicating with you.  That lovely little gap between your conscious awareness and unconscious programmes, memories and patterns.  


You sense something somatically before you have a cognitive knowledge of it.


It’s a survival strategy that we’ve always had as a species, protecting us from the tiger waiting in the bushes!


Think about it.  If we didn’t get that little ‘tingle’ (or whatever it shows up as for you) we’d put ourselves in danger. 


We wouldn’t have our wits about us. 


We might potentially get eaten. 


Or in this day and age…go down that dark ominous alley or into that room of people we don’t know.


It’s absolutely one of my ‘super powers’ in my business. I see a problem before it’s a problem. 


If something pops into my head, there’s usually a reason so I like to call it out.  Clients and friends are very used to this now.


People aren’t surprised anymore if I say ‘the spidey senses told me to message you’ or ‘the spidey senses said to say X, Y, Z.’ 


I always do it with no attachment to it, particularly when it’s with clients, I always say to take it or leave it just in case it’s useful, but 99% of the time it’s exactly what was needed at that moment.  So I’ve learned to roll with it, even if it might feel silly.


I don’t look at intuition or spidey senses as anything ‘woo’ at all.  It’s something that’s been studied scientifically for years, although difficult to quantify.


We all have this in us. 


I mean it’s pretty cool and can feel a little bit magical for sure but really It’s our bodies way of communicating with us.  Steering us, if you like.


It’s an incredibly important skill to master.  And it is a skill. 


Like I say, we all have it, we’ve had it for millennia as a protection mechanism, it’s just that the danger has changed and these days may not actually be life or death..but it might FEEL that way to our nervous system.  And also a way to steer us towards what’s good for us too.


We often feel something before we think it.  That sense to do, or not do something. 


You’ll have a spidey sense for a yes and a spidey sense for a no.   You’ll have a spidey sense about saying something or going somewhere, or a particular decision that you have to make, or a person.


The challenge comes with getting to know each signal.  So you know what it’s trying to say, or the direction it’s trying to steer you. 


Pay attention to the senses.


What is your gut telling you?


Is there a slight feel of unease telling you to keep your guard up a little bit?


Is there a DEEP sense of unease telling you to run for the hills?


Is there a deep knowing it’s just the right thing for you?


Can you get in touch with it around what to launch for your business?


What to keep and what to let go of?


And the people you let in or let go of?


What are your spidey senses trying to tell you?


Is there a familiar feeling that you can pin point in another part of your life from the past?  This could be for good or bad.  We just need to tune back in.


When Dawni and Abi approached me to go in with them on The Mentorship it was my intuition that said a hard yes.


There were a lot of reasons not to.  At the time, I really didn’t know either of them very well.


It was also a 3…of women!  I had NOT had good experiences with that situation in the past at all.


I could not have trusted them.  I could have said, ‘ooooh a 3, nope, not going there again’ and robbed myself of the healing that has occurred just from saying yes.


I just had a good feeling.  I felt it in my gut.  My heart said yes.  My intuition said yes and it was the best thing I could have done for myself.


They share my values.  They share the way I look at business.  They share my deep desire to help people and not let them get in their own way.  


It’s no joke when I tell you how much it’s changed old patterns for me around female friendships. Around allowing myself to trust and open up in that way.  It really has been transformative and I’m so excited for the work we’re going to do together and the way we’re going to work together to give the amazing people joining The Mentorship a transformation.  To help them heal old patterns and belief systems.  We all deeply believe in people’s capabilities.  


And I owe it to them being in touch with their intuition and spidey senses around bringing me in, and my spidey senses just knowing it was right.


The more you hone this skill, the more it will point you in the right direction.


Remember we’re 95-99% unconscious and the brain LOVES you to repeat familiar patterns.  Where might you be falling into one that doesn’t serve you so well?  Where might it be trying to steer you TOWARDS something that’s right for you?


Also remember there’s a reason it’s called a ‘gut feeling’. 


 The clues of what to pay attention to comes through in our language. The gut, heart and the brain are connected. The brain, the heart and the gut all have their own neurons and neural networks. 


Here’s another example.  ‘What does your heart tell you’ or ‘what does your gut tell you’.  


And ‘I’ve just got a good feeling about this’.  


If you’ve ever said any of those things, you’ve connected to your intuition.


Nothing woo about it.  It’s there all the time, communicating with us.  We just learned to stop listening. 


We learned to suppress emotions.  We learned to do as we’re told.  


So just start to tune in.  Check in with what you feel in your body at certain times of the day.  Or when you’re doing certain tasks. Or around certain people.


You might want to do it in meditation.  You might want to do a body scan. Just ask yourself the question, ‘what am I feeling right now, where am I feeling it and what might be driving it’


Get curious. 


Make the unconscious, conscious, so you can choose to do something with it.


It’s such an essential skill when you can learn to trust it.  It’s visceral.  You feel it.


If you read the autobiographies of some of the most successful people in the world they’ll talk about having ‘hunches’ or use language like ‘I just knew’ even in the face of evidence to the contrary. 


Your intuition usually has far more data points than you on something.  It gets to scan all the reserves of your memory banks, past experiences, familiar patterns etc. It’s working with a LOT more than simply what’s right in front of you at that moment. 


So have a think about where you might have been ignoring your spidey senses.  And how you might start to get back in touch with them.


And if you’ve been considering joining The Mentorship, now is the time.  We start orientation on the 22nd November.  


6 months of real business mentorship with me, Dawni Baxter and Abi Hugo and all the experience that brings.  Dawni being the legend of branding, social media, audience attraction and so much more.  


Abi of @thewhitethistle the legend of instagram growth and monetising your account even if it’s small!  


And Moi to tame the inevitable mindset gremlins that get in your way.  Helping you overcome stress and self sabotage so you can get your time back and feel more in control.  


We bring a wealth of experience in relationship based selling, podcasting, messaging and SO much more and making sure your business is set up based on what YOU want for your life.  With YOU at the heart of it. Taking away the shoulds and the things you’ve been told you’re supposed to have and tuning back into what you actually want.


If it’s calling to you then we’d love to have you.  You can find all the details at   


So check in with yourself, your gut, your heart, your spidey senses… what are they telling you?



Fran Excell, Success Mindset Mentor at – Helping Business Owners Overcome Stress & Self Sabotage so they can get back their time and feel more in control. 


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