Replay: How To Wire Yourself For Positivity In Hard Situations With Journaling - Fran Excell Mindset and Productivity Mentor

Replay: How To Wire Yourself For Positivity In Hard Situations With Journaling

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I’ve been talking in my Insta stories (@imfranexcell) about how the tools I teach can be used time and time again, during a global pandemic or any other day,  so I wanted to re-release the key episodes that can help the most right now.  

I will be coming to you with episodes on boundaries, Journaling, how to handle overwhelm, how to focus, how to change your state, resilience and ALL sorts with a little snippet like this on how you can apply it right now!  

I’ve chosen to re-release this episode first for you because I genuinely believe it’s going to be the quickest and easiest way for you to start shifting your focus and improving how you feel while we’re all getting used to our very un normal new normal.  

I’m going to release an episode very soon about my story and coming back from losing everything because I think it’s so relevant for us right now while during Coronavirus it’s one of people’s biggest fears.  

There is a LOT going on and even with limiting or social media or watching the news it’s hard to remember to focus on all the good, and potential good.  

We also want to make sure you’re not wiring your brain for fear, anxiety and negativity while we’re at home and living in uncertainty.  

This process is one of the very reasons i’m still feeling calm in the chaos. It’s how i’m wired differently.  I used Neuroplasticity to train my brain to be that way.  

I never deny negative emotions, I probably embrace them more when they show up because I know they’re trying to tell me something or something needs to be released.

But my brain just goes to looking for any potential positives there might be. 

I’m more resilient, I reframe ALL the time and it’s just how I think.  So the more you do this the more it will become YOUR way of habitually thinking.  

This is why i’m creating my own journal ‘The Positive Pants Planner’ I want everyone to understand just how simple it can be to change your while life. 

So if you want to sign up for the waitlist then just head to to be the first to know when it’s ready.  

Please share this with your friends and loved ones and DM me what you’re struggling with right now and how I can help.


If you got value from this and you know in your gut that now is the time to step up and start rewiring your thinking and changing things for yourself then book in a free discovery call so we can work out what needs to happen to get you from where you’re at right now, to the action taking success you know you can be!! If you want my eyes and ears on YOUR problems I work with people 1:1, through the Proactive Pants Programme and 1:1 full day intensives, stop waiting for if and when and decide to change things now!


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