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It’s OK To Change Your Mind

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It’s OK To Change Your Mind


It’s ok to change your mind in business, the world won’t stop.


If you’re just starting out and choosing your niche….it’s ok to change your mind.


If you’ve been in business a couple of years and something just isn’t sitting right anymore and feels heavy, it’s ok to change your mind.


If you’ve been in business for years but you just don’t love it anymore, it’s ok to change your mind.


I see so many people tying themselves up in knots in all of these scenarios.  I get it, I really do.


But you aren’t locked in, married, signed sealed delivered, this is it forever-ed in to anything in your business.


You’re really not.


The whole point of having your own business is SO you have more control over it.


You get to make the decisions based on what’s right for you.  Not someone else.


There will always be consequences to your decisions but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.


I’ve been reassessing E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G throughout this whole pandemic and I know a huge amount of other people have to.


Sometimes you need to burn something to the ground just a little in order to build something bigger and better in its place.  Sometimes that’s what it takes to scale up.


And yes, it’s scary.  Yes, it’s uncomfortable.  Yes, it could be a mistake…but if you only believe in lessons then you’re covered there 😉


Let’s start with the most common place I see this,  choosing an ideal client and a niche when you’re early on in your journey.


Oh goodness do people tie themselves up in knots with this one!!  


Myself included at the start.  


The message is that you absolutely HAVE to know your ideal client and niche down straight away.  You need to know it on an intimate level.


If you don’t have a niche you don’t have a business!  


Which is true to an extent.


It makes marketing easier.  It makes self identifying for your client easier. If you don’t have one you do have a business but getting sales and traction will be harder unless you’re doing a personal outreach or networking strategy. 


But let’s release the pressure valve a little shall we?


Firstly, in my opinion, you really don’t KNOW who your ideal client is until you’ve started working with people, this applies mainly to the coaching industry.


Start with an idea of who they are…not an attachment to who they are.


I had an idea of who my ideal client was, got one and it was a nightmare because they weren’t invested in the results. 


So I tweaked it as I went along.  It evolved as I went along and I allowed myself the time to get clearer and clearer and niche down further.


The thing with niching too is people seem to think it means that no one else will see or resonate with your message.  It’s not true.


I think of it like a dart board.  You’re aiming for the bullseye but there are lots of other ways to score high points around the board.


For example my niche is female business owners who self sabotage.


I still attract men to work with me.


I still attract a lot of people without businesses to work with me.


A lot of people come to me because they want a big life change.  So even though I talk about everything in the context of business and I have a top ranked business podcast…I still get people who don’t have businesses.  Because it’s relatable to both people.  Same issues, different context.


So don’t worry about cutting certain people out.


You can also have different products or services for people at different stages.  I work with people just starting out…and I work with 7 figure business owners! 


So what i’m saying is, firstly, you aren’t married to your niche.  You get to change it.  Same with your ideal client.  You get to change it.


Yes it may make things take a little longer than if you just cracked it first go (which let’s be honest…no one does!) but rather that than end up in a niche that it turns out you don’t enjoy…or working with people that are actually a bit of a nightmare.  It’s all part of the journey.


Now the next one is close to my heart.  When something just doesn’t feel right anymore.  You may not even be able to put your finger on why but it just doesn’t feel right anymore.


Businesses evolve, as do people.  This happened for me recently.  I have my Proactive Pants Mastermind and I ADORE the ladies that were in it.  But the format wasn’t working for me anymore.  


So I made the decision to close it down in its current iteration.  


Instead of being ongoing month on month it’s going to be relaunching as a 3 month programme starting in January.  Where everyone starts and finishes at the same time (which helps with relationships because everyones in the same boat) and with the focus on something core that you want to achieve for the quarter that you’ve been holding yourself back from.


I’m SO flipping excited for it, it’s put the fire back in my belly.


I already know it works for clients…I needed to get it to work for me too.  That’s just as important.  To put me in the best place to be able to help everyone achieve exactly what they want to and get the amazing results I know they can.  


I’m in the process of completely shifting up my business model which also helped make my decision.


I’ve got a SUPER exciting partner launch coming up around October with my friend Lisa Johnson (who you’ve met on the podcast before and is coming back to tell you a little more about what she does to make her the big bucks and still get to travel the world….in an actual genuine way…not an influencer stand in front of a porch that’s not yours kind of way) so stay tuned if you want to learn how you can massively increase your bottom line…working LESS! No more feast or famine of the 1:1 model.


More scalability.


More passive and regular revenue so you know where you’re at each month.


Earn more, do less!


She’s a freaking power house and I’m very grateful I get to call her my friend because you’ll know I don’t recommend people freely.  Largely due to the sales tactics and mass of ‘missed out’ information that usually comes with courses online and leads to an 11% completion rate and money down the toilet…i’m not here for that peeps!


It’s going to be a genuine game changer I promise you.


OMG so exciting.  If you want to be in the know sooner then slide into my DMs and i’ll get you a sneak peak of what’s coming.


So if you’ve been thinking of shifting your business model, stay tuned.  If you’ve been wondering how you can get out of feast or famine stay tuned.


If you want to fall in love with your business again, I’ve got you covered!


If something is not working for you, change it! 


Go back to the previous episode and listen to how to make big decisions but it’s so fundamental to enjoy what you’re doing. 


If you’re not, change it!  


It doesn’t have to be straight away, you can do it in stages and over a little bit of time, or you can outsource it so YOU don’t have to do it anymore, but it’s important that you do it or you’ll start to resent your business or your clients.


The same thing goes for if you’ve just completely fallen out of love with what you do.  


Nobody ever said you have to keep doing it.  If something else is calling you…that’s OK!


I know we like to tell ourselves stories of things having to be a certain way but that’s our own limitations we’re putting on ourselves.


You can’t do this or you can’t do that.


Who says?!


We’re the ones in control.


It may take a little time to work things out but it can be such a positive thing to do.


When you’ve fallen out of love with a product, service or what you do entirely it can feel like it’s slowly eating away at our soul. Blurgh!


It’s not a nice place to be.  It’s like that constant state of anxiety is just niggling away in the background all the time.


We’re always operating from a low level of fight or flight.  Our defence mode is up.  It takes a lot of energy.


The thoughts are whirling round in our noggins taking up a huge amount of headspace that makes everything feel like we’re pushing water uphill.


It’s not meant to feel like that and it doesn’t have to.


Take back that control and know that you get to change whatever you want, whenever you want (according to contract terms of course ha!)


Take the brave move and let the weight lift from your shoulders if you’re feeling this right now.


But if you’re in the stage of worrying about picking a niche and/or ideal client. Launching products or anything along those lines.  


You get to change your mind if it doesn’t sit right in the future.  You are not ‘stuck’ with something.


You only work these things out by doing.  




Being honest with yourself.


The more you are, the more exciting things come your way and the more you can love and actually feel aligned to what you do. 


And that’s what it’s about right?




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