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The Proactive Pants Mastermind

…From Overwhelm & Procrastination Frustration To Positive Action!

Proactive Pants Mastermind

We all know how it feels being stuck in ‘procrastination frustration’, feeling overwhelmed, full of self doubt and comparing ourselves to everyone else while thinking ‘who am I to do this?’ ARGH!

It’s holding you back and it’s stopping you taking the action you know you need to.  And let’s be honest…it’s directly affecting bottom lines RIGHT NOW!



> Constantly putting off tasks you know are important, and don’t know why?

> Feeling OVERWHELMED, DISORGANISED, LACKING FOCUS and firefighting all the time?

> Feeling like you’re always running from one “little job” to another and not actually achieving anything?

> Feeling like you’re HOLDING YOURSELF BACK by not knowing what to do next?

>Finding ALL THE EXCUSES under the sun not to do the things you know you need to?

> Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information available and all the things you’ve been told you ‘SHOULD’ be doing?


I hear you Lady!!

I know just what it feels like to know ‘all the things’ you need to be doing to drive yourself and your business forwards…but you’re just NOT doing them, you’re stuck in ‘procrastination frustration’!

I’ve been at that moment where I got in MY own way so much I let myself QUIT on my first business…just before I was going to achieve something great and I KNEW and now OWN that it was all on me.  


I know what it feels like to let fear, self doubt, imposter syndrome and all the mindset gremlins and excuses you can muster make you procrastinate and stop you from taking action that you know you want and NEED to.  

The thing is it won’t get better…unless YOU decide to do something to change it!

It really doesn’t have to stay this way…’The Proactive Pants Mastermind’ to the rescue! Whoohoo!

In this monthly Mini Mastermind with a twist there is nowhere to hide. Passive ‘lurking’ just won’t cut it this time…in fact it’s impossible!  

No, really!  If you’re not active on the weekly posts for too long you will be (very lovingly!) removed from the mastermind.

It’s time to get out of your own way, start taking the action you know you want (and NEED!) to and start getting things DONE!

The Proactive Pants Mastermind is simple, it’s all about accountability and getting you OUT from procrastination and INTO positive action and finally moving FORWARDS.   No more feeling like it’s one step forward 2 steps back all the time.

With the Proactive Pants Mastermind all this can change.  You will be making a commitment to yourself, and to your business success.


“Fran has been the cheerleader I’ve needed my whole life!  Since starting I’ve gathered a momentum I couldn’t find before.  I feel like my energy has shifted with the new mindset Fran has helped me achieve.” – K


So,…what makes this different to everything else you’ve already tried?

PERSONAL accountability and…like I mentioned…You literally can’t hide! 

If you don’t post on the Monday and Friday threads you will be personally chased (lovingly!) by me…and if you’re too quiet for too long you will be (also very lovingly!) removed from the mastermind.  

We operate a one in one out policy for a maximum of 20 ladies who are tired of their own excuses and ready to step up and get out of their own way…so if you aren’t committed to taking the action and moving past your procrastination using ALL the support, accountability and tools within the mastermind then… I don’t want your money honey, and I do want to offer your place to someone else who needs this.


“Fran has allowed me to move my life on in the direction I want it to go and concentrate on the things that really matter. Fran has given me back control of my life!” -V


Here’s how it works:


> MONDAY: You tell me and the group what tasks you want to achieve that week (I’ll be giving you tips and methods to choose the right ones for you!)

> WEDNESDAY: All about troubleshooting.  Where are you at with your tasks, are you on track or off?  If you’re off, what mindset gremlin is getting in your way? We’ll troubleshoot this together on the group call and get you moving again.

> FRIDAY: Celebrations.  It’s SO important to celebrate your wins no matter how small and we help you do that.  Didn’t get to where you wanted to be? That’s cool, let’s give it a re-frame, work out why and how we get you moving again.

> EVERY MONTH there is a prize for the person who’s made the most progress, had the biggest transformation…or just someone I just think really bloomin deserves it! 



What the Proactive Pants Mastermind IS:

> A COMMITMENT to yourself and to your business.

> A place where you can FINALLY take the action you know you need to.

> Simple but EFFECTIVE! We get you taking the action you know you’re stopping yourself from taking.

> A safe space for you to work through and tame those mindset gremlins that are keeping you stuck…with me and the rest of the group right there with you!

> A place where you can understand you’re not alone in your ‘procrastination frustration’ (or your pesky mindset gremlins that are hiding underneath it!) and that you CAN change it!

> Something that comes with bonus #bizbesties 😉 No more entrepreneurial loneliness for you!

What the Proactive Pants Mastermind is NOT:

> This is NOT a passive group.

> ANOTHER course or programme you don’t use.

> Somewhere you can ‘hide’ in the shadows or watch from the sidelines.

> Somewhere you can dip in and dip out.

> YET ANOTHER time suck! (seriously!!)

“Fran’s positivity means that you come away from each session believing the impossible is possible, which obviously it is!” – K


We all know that people don’t value free, or even ‘cheap’…If you don’t have enough skin in the game you WILL NOT take action.  

It’s easy to know ‘all the things’ it’s another to actually DO them. THIS is that skin in the game!

You’re not paying for yet more ‘information’, you’re paying for mindset transformation, action taking and accountability.  

Basically everything you need to actually get stuff done and drive your business to being the success you KNOW it can be!

You’re paying for things to FINALLY change…in your business, in your mindset AND in your LIFE!


Fran has been fantastic at not only helping me conquer my mindset gremlins but also at helping me make the right choices and stay on track within my business.

She is a positive ray of sunshine and no problem is too big. What I love most is that she is totally real and will give you that kick up the butt when you need it, in as honest and nice a way possible. She’s full of knowledge and really wants the best for you which I believe can be hard to find and really makes a difference on your journey.

Being in Fran’s mastermind has really provided me with the support and guidance I have needed when I’ve been going through some difficult times within my business. We all have moments of self sabotage which can hinder our progress and stop us moving forward but having the support of Fran checking in regularly, keeping me accountable and helping me work through some of the blockages I’ve had, has been invaluable.

There is no getting away with excuses with Fran because she helps you see where you’re holding yourself back so you can push through the gremlins and take action, which is something I really needed. I am forever grateful for all her support, encouragement and knowledge!” – Keeley



The Proactive Pants Mastermind is for you if…

> You’re a female entrepreneur who’s tired of all the self sabotage and listening to your own excuses.

> You want to FINALLY get out of your own way and start taking positive action in your business.

> You KNOW that the only thing left standing in your way is YOU.

> You know you need the odd loving kick up the bum to get you out of your own way.

> You’re overwhelmed which is making you a Class A procrastinator and you know you need to make a COMMITMENT and have the ACCOUNTABILITY that will get you actually doing the things you know you need to instead of just being busy being busy!

> You want a safe space to allow you to take the first steps outside your comfort zone with support, cheerleading and encouragement and without any fear of being judged.

> You want to feel supported through all the wobbles.

> You crave some much needed connection!  You won’t feel alone in your overwhelm, procrastination patterns and self doubt

> You want a loving, close knit community of #bizbesties

The Proactive Pants Mastermind is not for you if…

> You just want to join ANOTHER ‘thing’ where you can watch from the sidelines.

> You think paying money for something is the same thing as taking action!

> You think you can just do this on your own.

> You’re not committed to making a change.

> You’re not committed to your own success.

“Fran was able to make me reflect on myself and look at things in ways I would have never thought. She was able to pick out the key bits of what I was saying and make me reflect on my feelings in a new way – decoding my thought process” – D


To paraphrase Jim Rohn you really are the sum total of the top 5 people you spend your time with that’s one of the reasons I want this group to be small.  So you surround yourself with people who will lift you up. 

When you see other people taking action YOU’LL take action.

I know taking this first step is SUPER scary, you’re going to be confronted with ALL your ‘excuses’ as to why you ‘can’t’ and all those gremlins that are trying to keep you stuck but it’s time to DECIDE not to listen to them and STOP letting them hold you back.


Here’s my promise to you:


I’m going to hold a mirror up so you can’t believe your own rubbish anymore. 

In the most loving way possible I WILL call you out on your BS.  I’ll be your biggest cheerleader but I will also give you a loving kick up the bum as and when you need it!

I’ll help you focus and call you out when I can tell you’re just ‘busy being busy’!

I won’t let you fool yourself with your own BS anymore!

So…to summarise, The Proactive Pants Mastermind will:

> Get you OUT of your own way.

> Give you FOCUS!


> Help you PRIORITISE that huge to-do list of yours.

> Give you the SUPPORT you need through all the wobbles and tough bits.

> Get you moving that needle!

> Help you increase in CONFIDENCE and get you OUTSIDE your comfort zone to massive growth.

> Create PROGRESS!

Mastermind Values…muy importante!!

  • Confidentiality – What happens in the group stays in the group!

  • Respect

  • Support

  • Authenticity

  • Encouragement

  • Honesty

“Fran’s coaching has led to a whole different way of thinking for me. Thank you!” – J

So…Why me, who am I?

> I’m a certified Transformational Mindset Coach and also hold qualifications in Psychology, Positive Psychology and Neurocoaching. I also have a knack for intuitively picking up on the things you aren’t saying but are standing in your way.

> I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt when it comes to mindset shifts (previous Eeyore on a bad day right here!)and I KNOW the tools and techniques to get you where you want to be.  I’ve walked the walk already and I can show you the way!

> I specialise in helping female business owners find their positive pants and tame the inevitable mindset gremlins that keep them stuck and stop them taking action in the way they know they want and need to.

> I’m the host of The Positive Pants Podcast…I really do live this stuff DAILY!  

> I also read AT LEAST 100 books per year in the field of business, productivity, mindset AND the science backed woo-woo stuff so I know what works and WHY it works.

How AMAZING would if feel to be back in the driver’s seat of your business…and your LIFE?

To KNOW you’re going to be making progress week by week.

To know that you have a close knit support network right there with you cheering you on and helping push you through all those wobbles and out to the other side?

The Positive Pants Mastermind is here to help you do just that!

You’ll stop frustrating yourself with all the procrastination and inaction and start taking positive action every single week…Just IMAGINE what that could do to your bottom line?!

It’s now or never and every day you don’t take action you’re delaying your success and edging closer to never achieving your goal.  And we REALLY don’t want that to happen…and it doesn’t need to!

Start now, stay where you’re at or quit…it’s your decision!  But, we both know you don’t want to stay where you’re at OR quit so what are you waiting for? 😉


If you think The Proactive Pants Mastermind is for you then CLICK HERE to book in a FREE call with me and let’s see if it’s a fit!  


For a limited time I’m offering a FREE BONUS 45 minute 1:1 call with me (usually priced at £300) so I can get to know your business and exactly where you’re at right now to make sure you get the MOST out of the mastermind.


Remember this is limited to 20 women TOTAL (with only 5 slots available at this price level!) and we operate a one in one out policy so don’t miss your spot!

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