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Future Self Meditation


A powerful meditation that works with the brain & the body in helping you connect to your future self so you can actually achieve what you want to.

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The Future Self meditation is a powerful meditation that works with the brain and the body in helping you connect to your future self so you can actually achieve what you want to.

Your future self is the version of you who has everything that you want for yourself and your loved ones.

The version of you who has already done everything that needs to be done and made it to exactly where you want to be.

Success really does start in the mind. 

The brain doesn’t distinguish between what’s real and what’s imagined, you get the same physiological reactions as your mind and body are a linked system.  We can leverage this to our advantage which is exactly what this meditation helps with.   

We will be using neuroplasticity to rewire and prime your brain for possibility. 

We’re going to be providing evidence of what’s possible, to be stored as a future memory so it then starts to filter out the opportunities, connections and synchronicities that are already there, but you might otherwise miss.

When you’re visualising you’re showing the brain what IS possible.  

So this reduces fear, resistance, helps regulate your nervous system, allows your brain to know what opportunities you want to be filtered out and enables you to act ‘as if’, so everything becomes SO much easier!  

It works with calming the amygdala, letting the reticular activating system know what’s important to us, It helps with regulating your nervous system and keeping you out of fight, flight, freeze or fawn so your body knows it’s ‘safe’ to take action.

This makes it SO much easier for you to bring what you want into your life.  It will help work with your subconscious mind and other important areas of the brain to make sure it actually happens.  

This meditation allows you to KNOW that that future version of you isn’t a stranger.  They’re already here.  You just need to get to know them so you can go out and get everything you want.

This meditation uses binaural beats and is set at the theta level brainwave, meaning it’s perfect for getting in touch with your subconscious mind and get the ideas flowing and solidify those ‘future memories’ it’s also known as the ‘healing’ state. whoop!

The meditations are about 13 mins but the backing track will remain playing if you want to journal afterwards anything that came up that was important. You can finish at 13 mins if you wish!

This can be used in your business, your relationships, your health.  Any area of your life where you want to make a big change and aren’t sure how you’re going to get there.

ALSO get access to a ‘secret squirrel’ client-only community to help support your trainings and products.

Here’s what people have been saying about the Future Self Meditation:

“I’ve just listened, then continued the music whilst doing the pdf for this week. I’ve had so many ideas and feel so positive!”

“I finally just got around to doing the future self meditation and wow…. pretty emotional!! My hand hurts now from all the writing in my journal too. Was great, thanks Fran!!!!”

“This may need to be a daily thing for me. Thank you for your relaxing voice and a thought provoking questions. xx”

“The Future Self Meditation is very calming and left me feeling excited about my future. It makes me focus on what I need to do to achieve my goals and gives me the belief that I will achieve them!”

The future self meditation makes you feel amazing, I have recommended it to so many people since hearing it. I always think, I really needed to hear that, after I’ve listened to it.”

“wow I loved this meditation. I don’t usually switch off well but the more I practiced this meditation the easier I could leg go of the now and focus on where I wanted to be. Very useful meditation for me that i will certainly continue to use and love.”


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