Printable Journal and 2018 Calendar

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Through using this printable journal throughout the days, weeks and months you can:

  • Create your brand new ‘attitude of gratitude’, which is one of the number one ways to be happier!
  • Be setting goals so you know what to focus on, and actually have a chance of achieving them!
  • Have things to look forward to.
  • Look after yourself, guilt free!
  • Know what you want to do and where you want to go in life.
  • Break habits that don’t serve you and create brand new ones that do.
  • Be healthier with food and exercise plans.
  • Prioritise yourself and what’s important to you.

AND the best bit is it’s based in positive psychology, this stuff works…you will actually be creating brand new neural pathways in your brain which over time can completely shift your mindset and take you on your very own journey from ‘Meh to whoohooooo!’



If you’re tired of living for the weekend and predisposed to always see the negatives in front of you, it’s not your fault…this printable journal will help you start to find all those positives!


Journal Contents:

  • Daily attitude of gratitude – 5 minutes to happy! – Based in positive psychology doing these things daily will start to shift your mindset pronto!
  • Monthly reflection and look forward – When we look forward and reflect back we can see exactly where we’re going and how far we’ve come.  Great for starting to shift that ‘stuck’ feeling!
  • Wheel of life – To help you see where your focus is and where you want it to be!
  • Self care list – To help you look after yourself when you need it most.
  • My ideal day – A great little exercise to see what you REALLY want.
  • Gratitude list – Gratitude is SO important when it comes to feeling good.
  • Bucket List – Not as morbid as it sounds! When you write something down you’re more likely to do it!!
  • My achievements and happiest moments so far – We often forget all the amazing things we’ve done in life and it can be powerful when you’re feeling ‘Meh’ to appreciate what they are!
  • Weekly exercise planner
  • Weekly food planner
  • Habits tracker
  • 1 month goals
  • 6 month goals
  • 1 year goals
  • 3 year goals
  • Yearly reflection and look forward

On top of all that, you never need to buy another journal again!  Print this out as many times as you like! 🙂



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