Replay: How to be more resilient! - Fran Excell Mindset and Productivity Mentor

Replay: How to be more resilient!

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How To Be More Resilient


Resilience is one of my favourite topics because I get really excited about the fact that it’s isn’t something you just ‘have’ or ‘don’t have’, it’s absolutely a learned skill.


I found my resilience the hard way so you get to benefit from what I learned and potentially take a short cut.


For me positivity and optimism are all about resilience.  It is absolutely a key, and essential, part of it.  It’s a way of thinking for me.  It’s something I get better and better at over time and honestly consider it one of my key skills.


And you can learn that too!


So I hope you enjoy this replay because I think it’s perfect timing for everything that’s going on.  You can’t choose your first reaction to something but you can ALWAYS choose your second…and rewire your brain to bounce back more quickly every time.


Things are going to happen.  Life is going to happen. Things can’t be great ALL the time.  It’s not possible.  BUT if we can master how we handle situations, and how quickly we can bounce back from them then we’re onto a winner.


It ties in really nicely with the bounce back series of interviews i’m doing at the moment so you can see how I and other people do it.  AND it ties in perfectly with the Positive Pants Planner too because one of the key things it builds for you is resilience so if you’re not on the waitlist yet, get over to




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