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Replay Series: How To Let Go Of Certainty

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Replay Series: How To Let Go Of Certainty


Welcome back to the replay series, reminding you of all the power you still have right at your finger tips, global pandemic or no global pandemic.


Certainty is a funny thing, you can listen to this with a lovely bit of hindsight to it because if you think back to March 2020 when lock down was announced you could feel the panic across the country. Everyone wanted, or NEEDED, answers.  But there were none to be had!


We wanted all the things we tell ourselves we can rely on like deadlines, certain ways of doing things, being able to find answers, time frames…all went out the window.


BUT, for many this has been a massive catapult outside the ‘normal’ way of doing things which has allowed us to question EVERYTHING!


Question the way we do things, the way we think about things, the way we look at things…all of it. Which means we have an opportunity to see some things for what they really are, instead of what we always THOUGHT they were…or rather accepted and told ourselves they were.  Are you still with me??


So Have a listen/read of this episode and think back to how you felt at the beginning of lock down to now.


For many there is a big need for it to end, for others it’s been hugely embraced.


Whichever camp you’re in there will be a part of you, no matter how small,  that began t accept the uncertainty in one way or another.  So even if you’re still having a difficult time you can take a small piece of comfort in how you CAN handle the unknown.  How you CAN cope with uncertainty.


If you’re still struggling please remember there are LOTS of places to turn.

Anxiety UK



For the original episode please click HERE.


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