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Replay: Why Reframing Is Your Best Friend Right Now

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Replay: Why Reframing Is Your Best Friend Right Now


Reframing is one of my absolute favourite tools and something I use every day.


My ability to use this in any situation allows me to take an important step back from any initial emotion and see a situation for what it really is….or what it COULD be if I choose it or allow it to be.


Right now this ability is going to be your best friend.  Things may be occurring in your life or to loved ones that are out of your control and feel like the end of everything.  I know, I’ve been there.


This is one of the very reasons i’m starting my new bonus interview series with amazing business owners I know who have gone through, what at the time felt like the end of the world to come out bigger, better, stronger and happier in the the process.  They all have this ability.


To not let their initial reaction to something be the be all and end all of how they see it.  It’s about thinking differently.  It’s about problem solving and it’s about optimism.  It’s challenging their own thoughts and beliefs to make something work for them…no matter how negative it may feel at the time.


I hope you enjoy!


Original post on Reframing HERE


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