• “I recently went through a tough time both professionally and personally.  Daily challenges left me questioning my abilities and making excuses for why I couldn’t live the life I truly wanted. Fran listened to my concerns and helped me to see the positives in my situation; she encouraged me to stop putting things off but to have the confidence to take immediate action.  Thank you Fran!”

  • “Fran has been the cheerleader I’ve needed my whole life!  Since starting my sessions I’ve gathered a momentum I couldn’t find before.  I feel like my energy has shifted with the new mindset Fran has helped me achieve with her positive affirmations and book recommendations.  I’ve hidden my light for far too long, and now Fran has helped me see this is my time to shine, making me excited about life’s possibilities again!”

  • “Fran’s positivity means that you come away from each session believing the impossible is possible, which obviously it is!  Everyone can benefit from a positivity pill!”

  • “I feel like I came to Fran when I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life (my second child had just started school). I lacked confidence and felt like I had lost my own identity and vision. Since working with Fran I feel like I have learnt skills to flip around my mindset. When I start doubting myself I feel better equipped to boast my own confidence and see things from a higher, more positive perspective.”

  • “Fran was able to make me reflect on myself and look at things in ways I would have never thought. She was able to pick out the key bits of what I was saying and make me reflect on my feelings in a new way – decoding my thought process. She would get me thinking and talking about things on a much deeper level than I have ever done in the past which I feel has helped me get to the bottom of a number of key issues that where unknowing impacting my life.”

  • “Working with Fran helped me establish methods to gain more control in my life and my insecurities. I feel since working with Fran I am more assured, have more clarity over my future and am better equipped to deal with daily life.”

  • “She is a positive ray of light, and after every session I feel such a sense of “get up and go”. There is so much more than just this answer I have gained from sessions with Fran... she is a gem!”

  • “She was born to make other ladies feel better and positive, and in some enchanting way has given me the get up and go attitude about certain things for me right now

  • “Fran’s coaching has led to a whole different way of thinking for me. Various situations in day to day life were really starting to take their toll on my personal life and health, but she has helped me to adapt my interpretation of these moments, through a variety of explanations and examples. I would highly recommend a coaching session with Fran, even if you aren’t quite sure what you’ll get out of it – I got a new perspective which I can now continue forward with – thank you!”

  • “Fran has been amazing, listening to everything and then knowing when to push me for answers or suggestions.  I love that she noticed the little things while we were speaking, that I didn’t necessarily know that I had let on, either in my voice or words!”

  • “Fran has truly been such a positive influence on my life and way of thinking. Before I met Fran I had so many mental blocks about situations in my life that I didn’t know where to start ... Fran has given me the tools  to address these issues and create a more positive outlook on my life. I thoroughly recommend using Fran and intend use her services in future.”

  • “Fran has allowed me to move my life on in the direction I want it to go and concentrate on the things that really matter. Fran has given me back control of my life!”

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