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The Road To The Successful Business And Life That You Want Starts With Mastering Your Mindset. And I’m Here To Help You Do Just That.

“Working with Fran was instrumental for building my business  foundations. When I joined Fran’s Mastermind, I was ready to 100%  dedicate my time and energy to my business and that included investing  in myself and my business, as well as networking with like-minded  female business owners!

When I made this decision, it was a no-brainer to join Fran. I had been  following Fran on Instagram, Facebook and her Podcast for quite a few  months after a friend recommended her as a coach to follow. From that  very first discovery call, I knew that Fran’s approach was going to be  perfect for me and my business journey.

Fran has so much beautiful knowledge about business – from mind-set  coaching, to business strategy and tried-and-tested practical  recommendations (apps to use, platforms she likes, books to read). I  devoured everything that was shared with me to start building the  foundations of my business.

Since being part of the Mastermind, I have launched my website, created  a lead magnet, built an email list, launched a blog, built my IG  following, started a Facebook Group, hosted a 3-day challenge, launched  my first online masterclass training, attracted new 121 clients, and  built so much confidence along the way!

THANK YOU Fran for everything! You are always there to answer  questions, to guide us when mind-set gremlins get the better of us, and  celebrate our successes. It’s a fantastic Mastermind and I’m so  grateful for the opportunity to work with you and meet the lovely  ladies within the group. You’ve created a super supportive group that  attracts women that are ready to lift and celebrate other women!”

Becky Stanton

Home Organiserhttps://www.beckystanton.com/

“Someone had mentioned Fran’s podcast in a Facebook group & I was  HOOKED immediately. I felt like for the first time ever someone had  made me feel like I wasn’t alone & that I wasn’t going insane with all  the mindset battles I was dealing with being an entrepreneur ? Fran  speaks the REAL truth about what it’s like to be a business owner but  at the same time still inspires & pushes me to do so much more! I  applied to work with her within just a couple of weeks despite having  just finished up coaching with another coach.

My 4 months of coaching with Fran have literally been life-changing.  I’m in a much better place in both my personal life & my business. I  have completely overcome my fear of getting visible & feeling like I  wasn’t good enough for my clients & as a result I feel MUCH better  about selling with confidence. She has called me out on a lot of BS ?   I’m happier, I appreciate life more & I’m a lot more patient with  myself & my business.

Fran has also taught me to work confidently on my own now whereas  before I could barely make a decision on what to have for dinner  without asking my whole extended family first!

I loved our time together, she is so open & warm & she was always there  for me on Voxer in between calls whenever a mindset battle came up!  Like a true biz bestie ? plus the GIF convos ?   I couldn’t recommend working with Fran enough – Thank you so much for  all you have taught me & continue to teach me with the tools I’ve now  got. You are a rare diamond ❤ “

Caroline Carlsen

Business Mentor – ​http://carolinecarlsen.com/

“What would I do without Fran Excell in my life? I’ve known Fran for 3  years and have been part of her incredible Proactive Pants Mastermind  for 9 months. The group is full of incredible ladies who are so  supportive and Fran is the perfect leader. She’s full of wisdom, has a  mindset strategy for every problem and is also a wonderful, fun friend.

Fran really takes the time to get to know her clients so she can offer  the best support. She knows that when I’m in overwhelm I hide so I  often need a friendly boot up the butt to get the support I need. Fran  is an expert in uncovering the root behind a pattern or thought (it’s  often not what you think!) and has given me so much insight into my own  mind and behaviour as well as the tools to develop and just be a  happier person.

Fran has also taught me to work confidently on my own now whereas  before I could barely make a decision on what to have for dinner  without asking my whole extended family first!

My business has progressed this year because of my work with Fran. I’ve  said yes to projects that scare me and have met my goals because Fran’s  taught me how to get out of a negative hole more easily. Thank you  Fran! ”

Chloe Burroughs

Study skills trainer for returning students – https://chloeburroughs.com/

“Fran has been fantastic at not only helping me conquer my mindset  gremlins but also at helping me make the right choices and stay on  track within my business. She is a positive ray of sunshine and no  problem is too big. What I love most is that she is totally real and  will give you that kick up the butt when you need it, in as honest and  nice a way possible. She’s full of knowledge and really wants the best  for you which I believe can be hard to find and really makes a  difference on your journey. Being in Fran’s mastermind has really  provided me with the support and guidance I have needed when I’ve been  going through some difficult times within my business. We all have  moments of self sabotage which can hinder our process and stop us  moving forward but having the support of Fran checking in regularly,keeping me accountable and helping me work through some of the  blockages I’ve had, has been invaluable. There is no getting away with  excuses with Fran because she helps you see where you’re holding  yourself back so you can push through the gremlins and take action,  which is something I really needed. I am forever grateful for all her  support, encouragement and knowledge!”

Keeley Dann

Self love & Relationship coach – https://www.keeleydann.com/ 

“Fran has pulled me from the depths of overwhelm, procrastination and  every other mindset gremlin available in just a few weeks. There was  nothing else left for me to self-sabotage, so when I saw Fran’s  Mastermind, I took a deep breath and dived right in. What a revelation!  Fran’s unwavering positivity and her uncanny ability to see what  actually needs doing has literally turned my life around. I’m now  moving forward after almost a year of being stuck.  The wonderfully varied group of women in the mastermind group means  there are different and valuable view points in discussions and their  support is incredible.  Fran is the Real Deal; no cookie-cutter coaching here. She is authentic  and unfailingly generous with her advice and encouragement; I couldn’t  have chosen a better mentor.”

Carole Hallett Mobb

Expat Expert – ​https://expatability.net/

“So where to start…. I am a very capable person but through various  moments in my life I have created “blockages” to which in turn has  stopped me creating the dreams into reality and just taking that jump.   Though procrastination, self doubt and many other things I was getting  in my own way. So an amazing friend found Fran and recommend the group.  I arranged a call 3 months ago when I started I was ready shaking there  were a few tears I had lost a lot of my confidence. I had a immediate  connection and felt I was in safe hands so I signed up to the  mastermind! Best decision I ever made. My confidence is growing, I have  got some big tasks done that were really not that scary once I actually  54321 cracked on with it. I am getting so much better in all areas in  my life. The first thing I wanted to achieve was ‘to feel in control’  as for such a long time I hadn’t. But i really can say with total  honesty ‘I feel in control’ thanks to the guidance and skills of The  Queen of positive Pants herself. The ladies in the group are also a  massive support and everyone has such a different background they all  have something or know someone that can help with whatever snags or  gremlins we come up against. Or supporting with such positive encouragement, you really can’t go wrong with the lovely Fran”. ​

Martine Jone

Freelance Makeup artist and yoga teacher

“I had a one off one hour session with Fran. I thought we were going to  work on my money mindset, turns out that is absolutely fine but my  limiting beliefs were elsewhere! Fran is an amazing intuitive who can  quickly work out exactly what the problem is and what needs to be  worked on. She offered so much amazing advice and I left the one hour  session buzzing with lots of incredible ideas. It was such an  extraordinary and beneficial hour that has really helped me and my  business. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other people and I  look forward to working with her again in the future! Thank you Fran.  X”

Vic Wood


“I had an amazing Power Hour with Fran. Her energy was amazing and such  a smiley face. More importantly though was her authenticity, I felt  certain she understood me and genuinely wanted to help me get unstuck.  Which she did. I have since listened to many of her pod casts and  sought help from the Positive Pants Community and I am very grateful  for all the help and support! Thank you Fran, keep doing what you’re  doing xx”

Lorna Webley

Norla Permanent makeup

“ ​I had a session with Fran as I was struggling in business and my coach  felt it was due to a mindset issue. Convinced that all the work I  was doing on money mindset wasn’t getting me far, I just couldn’t work  out what was stopping me moving forward in my business. Fran was  amazing, asking the right questions to help me uncover the real reason  I was self sabotaging and it wasn’t the money as I thought. But more I  had been suppressing the real me for so long. Fran encouraged me to  take action, baby steps to start and helped me to rediscover a part of  me I had buried. I am so much happier in my life now and I know this  will pay off for my business. I can’t wait to see what the future  holds. I am extremely grateful to Fran for helping me step out of the  comfort zone and back into my zone of genius and go for what I want  from life. I would recommend a session with Fran to anyone who lives  frustrated unable to see what is causing you to move from where you are  to where you want to be and I hope to work with Fran in again in the  Future.”

Jenni Bush

The Equine Business Assistant –  www.TheEquineBusinessAssistant.co.uk 

“I am so grateful for the one hour call I had with Fran. It gave me so  much clarity where I was feeling very stuck. I am a practitioner in  EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and a Transformational Coach, so I know a bit  about mindset. However, like everyone, I need someone to help me find  my own blindspots and Fran is great at that! She quickly found that I  was doing things not aligned to my values and asked all the right  questions for me to move forward. That call took me from a place of  uncertainty and anxiety to a place of relief, excitement and drive! I  am so grateful for my newfound direction. Thank you Fran!”

Zainab Mohiuddi

Transformational Coach

“Fran is an excellent coach breaking through money mindset barriers and  her mentoring really was an eye opener for me. I would highly  recommend Fran for a one to one coaching session. I know I will be back  for more when I have moved along with my business strategies.”

Laura Charles

Reviva Weddings

“As a member of Fran’s Proactive Pants Mastermind, I’ve made dramatic  advances with my business. I’m on track to finally publish my first  book that I’ve been thinking about for over a year! Plus her support  goes beyond just business goals – she and the other members also  support everything you tackle, including home, family, health, and  wellness.”

Brandi Johnson

Marketing made easy, just ask ​https://heybrandi.com/ 

“Fran is an excellent speaker and passionate coach. She helps you get  your subconscious mind to work for you and stop self sabotage once and  for all so you can become the person and success you want to be. I  highly recommend Fran to everybody who wants more success and to get  things DONE in life! Her own journey of how she healed herself and got  her life back is so unique.

Annika Bals

Spritual Coach

“Fran is a lovely and warm person and very driven to bring out the best  of someone so they can create a better and successful life. Thanks  Fran for being who you are.”


Tech Specialist

“As a very new business the support I have received from Fran has been  invaluable from keeping me accountable to helping me challenge my  thought gremlins. The positive pants mastermind enabled me to not only  gain expertise and knowledge from Fran but also the experience of my  fellow group members. Highly recommend this programme.”

Deirdre Coyne

Weight Loss Coach

“I recently went through a tough time both professionally and  personally. Daily challenges left me questioning my abilities and  making excuses for why I couldn’t live the life I truly wanted. Fran  listened to my concerns and helped me to see the positives in my  situation; she encouraged me to stop putting things off but to have the  confidence to take immediate action. Thank you Fran!”


Nutritional Coach

“Fran has been the cheerleader I’ve needed my whole life! Since  starting my sessions I’ve gathered a momentum I couldn’t find before.  I feel like my energy has shifted with the new mindset Fran has helped  me achieve. I’ve hidden my light for far too long, and now Fran has  helped me see this is my time to shine, making me excited about life’s  possibilities again!”


Children’s authour

“Fran’s positivity means that you come away from each session believing  the impossible is possible, which obviously it is! Everyone can  benefit from a positivity pill! ​ She is a positive ray of light, and  after every session I feel such a sense of “get up and go”. There is so  much more than just this answer I have gained from sessions with  Fran… she is a gem! She was born to make other ladies feel better  and positive, and in some enchanting way has given me the get up and go  attitude about certain things for me right now ”


Antique Furniture Restorer

“I feel like I came to Fran when I was at a bit of a crossroads in my  life. I lacked confidence and felt like I had lost my own identity and  vision. Since working with Fran I feel like I have learnt skills to  flip around my mindset. When I start doubting myself I feel better  equipped to boast my own confidence and see things from a higher, more  positive perspective.”


Freelance Marketing

“Fran was able to make me reflect on myself and look at things in ways  I would have never thought. She was able to pick out the key bits of  what I was saying and make me reflect on my feelings in a new way  decoding my thought process. She would get me thinking and talking  about things on a much deeper level than I have ever done in the past  which I feel has helped me get to the bottom of a number of key issues  that were unknowingly impacting my life. Working with Fran helped me  establish methods to gain more control in my life and my insecurities.  I feel since working with Fran I am more assured, have more clarity  over my future and am better equipped to deal with daily life.”


“Fran’s coaching has led to a whole different way of thinking for me.  Various situations in day to day life were really starting to take  their toll on my personal life and health, but she has helped me to  adapt my interpretation of these moments, through a variety of  explanations and examples. I would highly recommend a coaching session  with Fran, – I got a new perspective which I can now continue forward  with – thank you!”


“Fran has been amazing, listening to everything and then knowing when  to push me for answers or suggestions. I love that she noticed the  little things while we were speaking, that I didn’t necessarily know  that I had let on, either in my voice or words!”


Events Manager

“Fran has truly been such a positive influence on my life and way of  thinking. Before I met Fran I had so many mental blocks about  situations in my life that I didn’t know where to start … Fran has  given me the tools to address these issues and create a more positive  outlook on my life. I thoroughly recommend working with Fran and intend  use her services in future.”



“Fran has allowed me to move my life on in the direction I want it to  go and concentrate on the things that really matter. Fran has given me  back control of my life!”


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Love the easy to follow & implement, practical mindset guidance. Fran is fun to listen to, and I like that each episode has actionable tips to walk away with. Plus, I love the name!! When I’m having a rough day, now I’ll think about putting on my “positive pants” 😉 – Ariana Sylvester, co-host of the Lifestyle Builders Podcast

Fran has been a huge help in my daily life



I only came across Fran a few weeks ago and I can happily say she’s had such a big impact on my life in such a short space of time. Her podcasts have helped me recognise, challenge and improve my ways of thinking in a way thats practical and enjoyable, and bitesize chunks of advice make it manageable and not overwhelming. I can take her tips for a positive mindset in the professional world and easily apply them to general mindset improvement such as dating, relationship etc. She’s really helped me and my self doubt issues and I just want to thank her for that. I look forward to listening to her every week.

So grateful for Fran!




So extremely grateful to have found Fran’s podcast! Every episode is short, sweet & directly to the point. I love listening to what she has to say- she always give a great perspective and advice on different topics!

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