Wellbeing Series: Tripping Our Way To Change With Jonathan De Potter - Fran Excell Mindset and Productivity Mentor

Wellbeing Series: Tripping Our Way To Change With Jonathan De Potter

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Wellbeing Series: Tripping Our Way To Change With Jonathan De Potter


I had an amazing chat with Jonathan de Potter in this episode.  The transformational effects of plant medicine is something I’ve been curious about for a long time so I loved having this conversation.


We talked all about the benefits of psychedelics in mental health, busted a few myths, the ever growing body of research into the field, how they can help you reach your full potential and we shared a lot about our passions in the field of personal development and growth.  My kind of chat!


Jonathan is the Founder of Behold Retreats, passionate about plant medicine, and believes that absolutely everyone can improve their mental health and consciousness.


Jonathan believes that in these times of change, the single most valuable contribution any of us can make is to focus upon our own personal and spiritual development.


Behold Retreats facilitate life-changing plant medicine journeys to explore your inner world, discover your truth, and live to your full potential.


The specialist guides clients that are ready to accelerate personal and spiritual growth to realize the full transformational benefits of plant medicine like Ayahuasca and Psilocybin.


A primary focus for Jonathan is to raise awareness and education on the subject of plant medicine, and to begin conversations on if and how to bring this important science to the many cultures in Asia-Pacific.


Prior to working in plant medicine, Jonathan worked in management consulting, supporting clients in APAC with innovation, digital strategy, scaling, and transformation programs.


I hope you enjoy listening to this eye opening conversation as much as I enjoyed having it!




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