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Where Are You Delaying Your Success?

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Where are you delaying your success? Right now? In this moment!  I bet you there’s somewhere!   Now, my last episode was all about the power of patience so you might be thinking, hang on…you said to be patient and now it sounds like you’re telling me to hurry up?!   Quite the contrary.   Patience is an AMAZING business and life tool and you can listen to the episode to see the benefits.   Not delaying your success is absolutely NOT about ‘rushing’ it, let me be super clear on that.     As per the previous episode rushing is where things start to go wrong and mistakes can be made.  Don’t deny yourself the lessons you learn on the journey, they’re important.   It’s about identifying key areas where the process is taking longer than it actually needs to. It’s about looking at what you’re doing and seeing if there is a quicker, more efficient way to do it.   Looking at all those ways you’re potentially holding yourself back or slowing yourself down for whatever reason, where, if there were a couple of tweaks in productivity and mindset, you could actually move along to where you’re aiming to go that much quicker.   

A few things to think about and ways you might be delaying your success


How many things are you focused on right now?

When you’re focused on a million things at the same time how far do you actually get with each one?  If you’re constantly feeling busy but feeling like you’re not really getting anywhere this is something to really have a look at. I love the bridge analogy. Where you are, if you’re building several bridges at once you never get to the other side, right?  If you concentrate on one bridge you get to where you’re going that much faster. (Listen to How To Focus)  

Where are you letting fear dominate?

Are you putting off the scary, overwhelming tasks? When you feel yourself putting off a particular task ask yourself, ‘what am I afraid of?’.  I like to encourage clients to do the big, scary, out of your comfort zone tasks because it’s the fastest way to grow. So what are you putting off at the moment? (Related Episodes: Fear, Fear of Success, Fear of Judgement, Fear of Failure)  

Where are you overthinking or over complicating?

Oh this is a big one.  Simplify, simplify, simplify.  If you can’t see where you can then work with a coach or join a mastermind (you can look at mine HERE) to get someone else’s perspective.  Often someone else giving you another way of doing things is a HUGE time saver.  Take a step back and have a look and see where you might be doing this. (Related Episodes: Overthinking)  

Are you winging it?

Winging it is the ultimate way you might be delaying your success.  If you don’t have a solid plan or goals in place then you’ll be doing a bit here, and a bit there, but never really getting anywhere.  There are SO many reasons to make sure your goals are in place and I have a previous episode on how to set goals that work for YOU. You can see how easy it could be to SEEM like you’re working towards your business but winging it can feel overwhelming, over complicated, frustrating, BUSY and like you’re not really moving. (Related Episodes: Goals that work for you)  

Where are you wasting precious time that you don’t need to?

Where could you outsource but you’re not? Often the irony is we think we don’t have time to outsource…but honestly, while it may take a moment to show someone how you like something done, you only need to do it once! Next time you do a task write it down on a google doc or on something like process street and then you’re ready to outsource! Put a monetary value on your time and then you’ll see how much cheaper it is in the long run to outsource those tasks.  Stay in your zone of genius as much as you can.(Related Episodes: How to find time)  

You’re not getting a second opinion, you’re too close to it to see another perspective.

One of my favourite things about my Proactive Pants Mastermind is those penny drop moments where you can see a visible shift, like a weight lifting, purely from having another perspective.   Or another way of thinking about or looking at something.  That little idea from someone else’s perspective that makes a massive difference to someone’s business, headspace, bottom line etc.   It’s pure magic.  Don’t deny yourself that by staying in the weeds by yourself.  It’s no fun there at all.  

You’re not selling and assuming people know how they can work with you.

Do I really need to say any more about this one?   People need things spelling out for them.  Give them a call to action, whether it’s ‘book in a call’, ‘Click here’, ‘subscribe’.  Tell them where to go.   It takes people on average to see a message 7 times before they buy. Make it easy for them…By the way you can book in a call to talk to me about working one on one and get my eyes on YOUR mindset gremlins or join us in my Proactive Pants Mastermind where you’re never more than a few days away from solving a problem and you get stuff DONE!  See what I did there? Just in case!  

You’re only looking at the strategy and not what’s going on in your noggin.

I’ve said this time and again.  You can have all the strategy in the world but if you’ve got an unconscious belief that causes you to sabotage your efforts you’re wasting your time, effort, energy and money.  Go to the source and sort that part out FIRST! (Related Episodes: Top Mindset Gremlins, Self sabotage)  

You’re rushing and spending on things you don’t need yet, leaving not enough left over for things that you could really use right now!

I was super guilty of this.   I think I had every online course under the sun on every platform etc…before i’d even actually really thought about what I WANTED my business to look like.   I rushed ahead, thought I needed to be on every platform because I listened to the online BS and spent a load of money and wasted a load of time learning things that just aren’t part of my business now. Go back to my point above about focus! (Related Episodes: Shiny Object Syndrome)  

You’re not investing in yourself as a priority.

It’s pretty easy to invest in something that teaches you something very specific or has a very tangible outcome.  It’s not as easy to invest in the thing that could potentially give you the biggest return. You!  I believe it’s an important step to take, firstly to sort out the underlying mindset gremlin shenanigans that will hold you back and make all the strategy you invest in not work…but also to have that exchange.   When you’re asking people to invest in you but you haven’t done it yourself it makes it so much harder.  Investing in yourself and your mindset can drastically shortcut your success.    

You’re trying to do it all on your own.

Two heads are better than one right?   It’s too easy to get stuck in the weeds on your own. Find your biz besties, a coach or a mastermind group or even a VA or online business manager so you have somewhere to turn when you most need it.  This will again, DRASTICALLY shortcut your success. So, there are a few things for you to think about.  Don’t obsess over the final destination and make sure you’re enjoying the journey of getting there, but don’t delay getting there unnecessarily.


If you got value from this and you know in your gut that now is the time to step up and start rewiring your thinking and changing things for yourself then book in a free discovery call so we can work out what needs to happen to get you from where you’re at right now, to the action taking success you know you can be!! If you want my eyes and ears on YOUR problems I work with people 1:1, through the Proactive Pants Programme and 1:1 full day intensives, stop waiting for if and when and decide to change things now!


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