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Who Have You Got On a Pedestal?

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Who Have You Got On a Pedestal?


Who have you got on a pedestal right now?  I’ve been thinking recently about how funny it is that we do this as humans. 


We look at people, who at the core are very ordinary and just like us in SO many ways, but we idolise them in some way because they have a particular level of achievement, status, accolade, whatever it may be.


Movie stars, successful business owners and entrepreneurs.  


Isn’t it funny how we feel like these people are super human in some way. Almost god-like?


Why is that?


If you can’t tell, I’m feeling pretty philosophical about life at the moment.


A healthy questioning of unconscious behaviour if you will, it’s how I’m wired these days.  It’s how I encourage other people to be.  


When you start to catch yourself in those moments it’s as if you become a fly on the wall to your own thoughts.


A curious child to why we do the things we do.


Often I think money is at the core of it.


We make a lot of assumptions about people and their lives. 


We look at this filtered version of what that is on social media and fill in our own gaps.


But, are we valuing the right things?


What is it specifically about those people that you admire so much?


What makes you feel they are so different from you?


How does it make you feel when you do it?


It’s one thing to inspire hope and motivation.  It’s another if you’re looking at this person and thinking ‘I could never get there’.  Or ‘I wish I was them’ or ‘It’s easy for them, not for me’.


All these thoughts and beliefs we allow to run through our heads making us feel less than.


Watch out for that.


Watch out for the stories that you tell yourself around what’s possible because really, most of the time the only real difference is a piece of knowledge you might be missing, or they’ve taken action that you haven’t.


They didn’t give up when it felt hard.


They didn’t let the gremlins take over and kept going.


That’s it.


Listen for the stories of the journey they took to get there.


They didn’t start where they are now, but they started.


I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can do what they really want to.


We have to clear out some emotional gunk first.


We need to do the work on ourselves.


We need to learn to regulate our emotions.


It’s what’s driving your behaviour.


We all have our own emotional ‘baggage’ that we’ve picked up along the way from family, friends, school, society, things that happened to us, things that were said to us.


This stuff rules your behaviour.  It rules your thoughts. Until you choose not to let it.  And you get to do that.  You really do.


I’m living proof that you get to say ‘not anymore thanks’ to this stuff.


It’s not permanent unless you don’t look at it.


We are such changeable creatures.  We can rewire our brains and nervous systems through neuroplasticity. We do this by first creating awareness about what we don’t want.  What we do want.  What our healthy patterns of behaviour are and what our less healthy patterns of behaviour are.


What are those common thoughts, beliefs and stories that get in your way?


Break them down one by one.


Because you really are far more capable than you give yourself credit for. I know I say this all the time, but I really am talking to YOU right now.


It’s never too late to start.  It’s never too late to make changes.


These are all stories we make up based on our own maps of the world.


But if you change the map, you change the world!


If you change how you look at something, it has to be different right?


So what do you think the people that have what you want, have that you don’t have?  That’s a mouthful!


What story do you have around their journey to get there, is it true? 


Realise you’re not comparing apples and apples when you look at someone who is where you want to be.


Don’t put them on a pedestal, take a look back in time, they were YOU at one point!


Someone with a dream and a vision who just took the action to make it happen.

But while I was going down this little rabbit hole of existential thinking I had another thought.


What if we put ourselves on our own pedestals?


What if you actually took a minute to acknowledge the things you’ve done in your life.  The things you’ve got through. The trials and tribulations and actually acknowledged THAT person in the same way we would be inspired by someone else who had done the same?


What if you really take a moment to acknowledge everything you’ve achieved.


There can be so much of that emotional gunk running around doing an exercise like this.


We might have been taught that acknowledging achievements is bragging.  That admitting you love, or even just like yourself, is arrogant.  WHO MADE THIS STUFF UP?!


Look how many people are having to mentally try and un do some of these things we were taught.


Liking yourself, trusting yourself, fundamental to a happy life and creating success.  Why weren’t we taught that?


What stories have you made up about yourself and what’s possible for you?


You deserve to be on your own pedestal!  Because you are more than capable.



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