Time to have your cake… and eat it too!


Well what’s the point of having it if you can’t eat it, right?

Wouldn’t it feel great to wake up in the morning without that ‘dread’ of going to a job you hate, knowing that side hustle you’ve been working on is taking off?  

To stop ruining those last precious moments of your weekend with the ‘Sunday Blues’?

You seriously need to stop wishing your life away!

Wouldn’t you like to not be fearful of things ‘going wrong’? To not feel overwhelmed, frustrated with yourself, comparing yourself to everyone else, feeling like a ‘fraud’?

Wouldn’t it be great to know nothing is impossible?  

Finally doing all those things you want and know you NEED to do, but can’t seem to make yourself?

Maybe you’ve got alllll the freebies, trainings, online courses and books you can get your hands on, you KNOW what you need to do but you feel like you’re working against yourself and can’t work out why. 

Wouldn’t it be great to stop always going straight to the negative first. It’s always ‘no’, ‘I can’t’, ‘It’s impossible’, ‘I’ll fail’, etc. before you’ve even processed a new idea or opportunity!

You’ve made some progress and you’re at that point where a lot of the pieces are in place but you KNOW it’s YOU who is holding you back from REALLY getting going.

Perhaps you’ve just had enough and want someone to help you get out of your own way and get results faster?

Working with a coach or mentor to break down limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for the ‘stories’ that they are will allow you to live a life you love and realise you really can do anything you set your mind to.

It gives you the confidence and self belief to make changes in your life that lead to huge shifts in how you feel about what you’re capable of and importantly gives you accountability when you know you get in your own way…which I know you do lady!

And, most importantly, it will help you find those Positive Pants that you need to pull up and KEEP up on this roller coaster ride.

I’m a mindset coach and mentor who helps successful women like you realise you don’t have to spend 70% of your waking life miserable and you don’t need to live for the weekend.

I will help you get out of your own way and get rid of those mindset gremlins stopping you getting your dream side hustle off the ground.  

The bottom line is if you’re negative and miserable Mon-Fri it WILL affect how you feel and think about most other things in your life..and what you think you’re capable of.  You need to build that positive foundation in your mindset FIRST so you can battle the inevitable mindset gremlins that are a TOTALLY normal part of the process.  The procrastination, the overwhelm, the imposter syndrome, the comparisonitis and all that good stuff.

Once you can understand it’s a part of the process (your brain can play some tricksy games!) and you have someone with you along the way to firstly help you build your positive mindset and then help you navigate the gremlins, you will get where you’re going much faster!

This journey isn’t easy but it’s so SO worth it!



I created this business because I wholeheartedly believe that every lovely lady like you has a RIGHT to be happy, to live your best life, realise just how amazing you are and that you really can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!

I believe that NO one should, or has to, settle for mediocre.

I can help you get rid of limiting beliefs and stories that have been holding you back.  

Help you get clarity on what you REALLY want, gain confidence and help you move forward with your plans and help you be the happiest YOU you can be while you’re juggling alllll the plates.

Help you believe in yourself more – to trust yourself and who you are!

You need someone to keep you on more a level track without the roller coaster of emotions and overwhelm (which is when you’re most likely to give up….usually JUST before all the good stuff happens!) and to hold you accountable when you’re getting in your own way.  

Someone to talk to unreservedly and without judgement.  

Someone to be your own personal cheerleader!

Things can and will change!  You got this!!

The main way to work with me is through my personalised 3 or 6 month 1:1 coaching and mentoring programme.

I cut out the ‘fluffy stuff’ and help you really understand what’s going on in your brain that’s been stopping you from moving forward so far.

I’ve drilled down to the quickest, easiest and most actionable ways to incorporate the best tools into your life so you can start seeing big shifts in your mindset.  

I help you actually put them into practice….and believe me it is a PRACTICE!  Just like Yoga, It’s something you get better and better at the more you work at it.

I will teach you the tools I’ve used to change my life and what took me from ‘Meh’ to ‘Whoohooo’.  

I’ll teach you how to take powerful self-development tools (and explain how they actually work so you will actually WANT to implement!) and apply them to your life on a daily basis.

Stop wondering why you feel so stuck and learn how to get yourself out of that rut!


Now, you get out what you put in and I am ALL about action but here are a few things to expect and potential ‘Side Effects’ of working with me:

  • Techniques and a tool kit you can apply straight away to make changes that are tangible AND sustainable.
  • Motivation, support and accountability to get the things you know you want/need to do DONE!
  • Taking action instead of waiting for “if” and “when”. 
  • Seeing positive changes quickly. 
  • Overcoming and transforming limiting beliefs you never knew were holding you back.
  • Getting out of your own way.
  • Finding positives in the negatives (they’re there!)
  • Bouncing back from setbacks more quickly.
  • Managing your time better.
  • Having a personal cheerleader.
  • Dealing with overwhelm.
  • Being able to stop procrastinating. 
  • Having faith and belief in yourself. 
  • Believing you can do whatever you set your mind to.
  • Shutting up those mindset gremlins!
  • Being grateful and happy for what you have now.
  • Knowing yourself better than you ever have before.
  • Being able to set and stick to achievable goals.
  • Real change and clarity on what it is that you want.
  • A happier, more fulfilled version of you!  


This is for you if: 

  • You want more from life and are ready to move confidently towards what you WANT in life – rather than settling for what you think you can HAVE! 
  • You feel fed up of feeling unproductive, stuck, anxious and in your own way. 
  • You need help creating that consistent positive mindset so you can stop having so many ‘wobbles’ that leave you unmotivated, procrastinating and feeling like you’re moving one step forward, 2 steps back all the time! 
  • You are seriously committed to taking control of your own life!
  • You value authenticity, honesty, and kindness.
  • You want to live bigger and be braver.  
  • You’re an inspirational quote junkie!
  • GSOH. 😉
  • You’re a dog person. 😉

This is not for you if: 

  • You’re not ready to accept that mindset is more than half the battle!  If you read any business or Personal-development book you will hear the same themes echoed throughout, success is 20% productivity, 80% mindset.  If you’re still not ready to accept that you can completely change your reality through your mindset then this definitely won’t be for you I’m afraid!
  • You aren’t prepared to put the work in and want everything done for you.
  • You don’t like dogs 😉 

Ways to work with Fran:

For more information on any of the below please email hello@franexcell.com

There are a few ways to work with me and get my eyes on YOUR problems and help you shift YOUR mindset and thinking around
so you can become the action taking successful business owner that you want to be. Woo hoo!

Let’s stop you pushing that water uphill and get you on your way to having your own pair of positive pants,
be able to push yourself out of your comfort zone and navigate all the inevitable mindset gremlins and forks in the road with ease and positivity.

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Printable journals, weekly meal and exercise planner, trackers and quotes to help you find your Positive Pant


Proactive Pants Mastermind

The Proactive Pants Mastermind is simple, it’s all about accountability and getting you OUT from procrastination and INTO positive action and finally moving FORWARDS.   No more feeling like it’s one step forward 2 steps back all the time.

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