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Are you using the resources you already have?

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Are you using the resources that you currently already have, to get to where you want to be?   Or are you stuck in a loop of reading all the books, taking all the courses, going to all the events, taking all the advice and yet nothing is really changing?   Most of us have been there at some point.    So what’s going on here?!    

A universal conundrum

  If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I love a weight loss analogy because I’ve struggled BIG time in that area AND it’s something EVERYONE seems to be able to relate to.   So, you want to lose weight, you’re buying all the shakes, the programmes, the apps, reading the books, looking for the next big thing, researching the latest fad diet saying THIS is going to be the one that works for me, yet…things stay exactly the same.     Or, you do it for a few days here and there and then when you don’t see results straight away you go searching for another answer because that one didn’t ‘work’ for you.   You’re looking for that one thing that’s going to FINALLY work for you.   Newsflash…You’re looking for answers that you already have!   And you know it!   What’s the answer in this weight loss analogy?     Eat less, move more.  Simple. Timeless. Fact.   Make it into a lifestyle change not a short term thing.     We ALL know this, yet…the majority of us aren’t doing it and continue to struggle!   Why?   That’s a good question.  

Honesty time

  Firstly, can you be 100% honest with yourself and say that you’re actually using the resources you already have?     By resources I mean information, people, experts, courses, books etc.  Means to solve the problem that you have that are currently in your possession in some way.   So often I see people asking for MORE answers to questions they already have the answer to.   Someone will ask me a question and i’ll ask if they did the thing we spoke about before to solve it…the answer is usually no!   So what’s going on?!   There’s a couple of things to think about here.  Also, worth noting, it doesn’t mean there is anything ‘wrong’ with you at all if you do this, it’s not about beating yourself up for it, it’s about working out WHY so you can actually move forward!  We’ve all done it at some point, no one is immune to it…yes, including me!   So, are you actually being a bit lazy or impatient?  Perhaps it’s just not a priority for you, you say you want it but in reality, you don’t really, or you don’t want it ENOUGH!     You’re not really invested in making it happen.  Or you subconsciously want where you’re at now MORE than you actually want what’s on the other side of taking action.   I see this VERY often.  Usually people who have been building a business because it’s something they knew they technically COULD do, but it wasn’t necessarily a passion for them or what they WANTED to do.  Not something they have a bigger reason for doing that will motivate them to move in the right direction.  

Something bigger at play?

  Or…is there actually something even bigger at play that’s stopping you taking action?   Is there a mindset gremlin keeping you in the ‘learning zone’ and not letting you get into the ‘action zone’ because there’s an underlying fear of something?  Failure? Success? Not being good enough? Judgement? That fear that if this actually works you;ll have to follow through?!   It’s likely you’re in one camp or the other!    

You know what to do but you’re not doing it

  You can have all the strategy you like. You can know exactly what to do, then those mindset gremlins start to creep in, but they can be quiet and bloomin subtle at times so they can be difficult to spot keeping you in the time sucking ‘loop of inaction’…but you THINK you’re taking action because you’re looking for answers and you’re ‘busy’.     You’re spending time researching, consuming content, making a plan.     Looks like you’re taking action right?  Are you actually following through and implementing though?     That’s what you’ve got to look out for.  

So what’s going on here?

  When you think about taking the action and then don’t, or go searching for another answer, what thoughts come up?   What is the ‘thing’ that actually stops you?   Are you telling yourself you don’t know enough?     That you aren’t GOOD enough?    That you just need to learn this one more thing and THEN you’ll take action…when in fact the answer to getting what you want has been staring you in the face all along!  

What resources do you already have?

  I want you to really have a think about what resources you already have at your disposal and write them down and give yourself a score out of 10 for how much you’re actually using them.   An online course that teaches exactly the thing you’re specifically struggling with, but you haven’t prioritised the time to go through it.  So you’re telling yourself it hasn’t worked, then you spend time looking for other answers elsewhere…oh the irony!   Is it a coach or mentor that you have that you’re not actually being 100% honest with and making excuses about a lack of time or money or whatever else you’re saying you NEED before you take action.    Is it a paid membership or group programme but you’ve never actually logged into the platform…all the information you’re looking for is right there for you!   Is it a friend you’ve been complaining to who’s giving you the answer to solve your problem but you’re just not listening?   Really think about these questions because they’re important to help you identify those pesky thoughts and beliefs that are blocking you taking action right now.  

The most important tools in your toolkit

  When your unconscious mind is running the show self awareness is one of the MOST important tools in your toolkit.     If you don’t know what’s going on in there then it’s SO easy to get stuck, go into the spiral of ‘what’s wrong with me’ and then plummet into the deep dark pit of self loathing.   We’ve all been there, I  was the WORST for it…for most of my life, trust me…I feel your pain!   I’m also helping to give you the solution, it’s your choice if you take it or not.   Self awareness and self responsibility are a magic combination when it comes to your success and getting what you want from life.  They can be hard to look at sure, but isn’t it worth the pay off?    

Time to get your thinking cap on!

  So what resources do you currently have that you’re just not using that could drive you forwards.  Look at it in the cold light of day and start to challenge yourself over why you’re not using it.     What could happen for you if you did?   What will happen if you don’t!   Catch yourself in those moments where you’re searching for an answer you know deep down you already have and get curious.   Write out those resources and put in a goal to spend some time actually going through it and really using it…what’s the worst that can happen?     If you got value from this and you know in your gut that now is the time to step up and start rewiring your thinking and changing things for yourself then book in a free discovery call so we can work out what needs to happen to get you from where you’re at right now, to the action taking success you know you can be!! If you want my eyes and ears on YOUR problems I work with people 1:1, through the Proactive Pants Programme and 1:1 full day intensives, stop waiting for if and when and decide to change things now! Fx Fran Excell, Subconscious Success Mentor – Helping Business Owners Overcome Self Sabotage & Get More Done In Less Time at RESOURCES: Check out The Positive Pants Podcast here Download your FREE Stressed To Success Meditation here Shop Printables & Meditations here Grab your 365 day ‘Attitude Of Gratitude’ Journal here Grab Your ‘Positive Pants Firmly On’ Notebook here Book In a Free 20 Minute Discovery Call here  
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