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How To Get Gratitude To Work For You

How to get Gratitude to work for you   Have you been doing the ‘gratitude thing’ that everyone talks about but something’s not quite clicking for you, and you’re trying to figure out how to get gratitude to actually work for you?   I’ve got you.   Now, You can listen all the way back […]

When Things Don’t Go To Plan

When Things Don’t Go To Plan   When things don’t go to plan, it can feel like a real kick to the stomach.   A lot can go on internally.   We hear it in our noggin, and we feel it in our body.   Perhaps it shows up as that sinking feeling in the […]

The Secret To Confidence

The secret to confidence   I wanted to have a little chat today about the secret to confidence.   I have been LOVING leading the wonderful people who signed up through me, through Lisa Johnson’s one to many programme. It’s been sheer joy to be honest and I wanted to share with you why.   […]

Practical Ways To Overcome Procrastination

Practical Ways To Overcome Procrastination   In the last episode we talked about what procrastination is, what it’s not and how to find out why you might be doing it.  If you haven’t listened to that one yet make sure to go there first.   It’s hugely important to work that stuff out first before […]

Reframing Procrastination

Reframing procrastination   Procrastination is something I get asked about a lot. It’s a BIG way that we self sabotage right?   I was doing a training in Janet Murray’s membership group recently and I realised that not that many people talk about it in the way that I do, often it’s pure productivity tips, […]

Do You Know Your Triggers?

Do you know your triggers?   What are triggers, and do you know yours?   In this context i’ll be talking more about the day to day emotional triggers we all experience to varying degrees rather than anything related to PTSD or shock trauma.   Triggers can be all sorts of things, smells (think your […]

Why Doing New Things Feels So Hard

Why doing new things feels so hard   Doing new things feels hard right?   Like you’re pushing water uphill.   All the gremlins and mean inner chat comes to the surface.   All the self sabotage occurs…am I right?!   This is whenever we do anything new.  A new course, a new business, a […]

How Do You Self Sabotage?

How do YOU sabotage yourself?   Before I dive into today’s content I wanted to remind you that my friend Lisa Johnsons’ Race To recurring revenue challenge is kicking off today (12-15 Oct 2020) so there’s still time for you to get involved.  You can sign up HERE to learn how you can create passive […]

Why you’re saying you can’t…but you actually can!

Why you’re saying you can’t…but you actually can! How many times per day do you think about doing something that you’d LOVE to do with your life, then tell yourself you can’t?   If you’re anything like I used to be it’s probably considerably more than a few times a day!   So many of […]

Time To Change The Game, With Lisa Johnson

Time To Change The Game, With Lisa Johnson If you have a business already and are stuck in feast or famine mode. Or if you’ve always wanted to start a business but it’s been over complicated and you can’t figure out how to make it work for YOU…then THIS is the episode for you! If […]

There’s More Than One Way To Do Something!

There’s more than one way to do something   There’s more than one way to do something.   I know you’re thinking, ‘well, yeah obviously Fran.’   But bear with me here.   You may CONSCIOUSLY know there are different ways to do different things.   But if you want to do something in particular […]

It’s OK To Change Your Mind

It’s OK To Change Your Mind   It’s ok to change your mind in business, the world won’t stop.   If you’re just starting out and choosing your niche….it’s ok to change your mind.   If you’ve been in business a couple of years and something just isn’t sitting right anymore and feels heavy, it’s […]

How To Make Big Decisions

How to make big decisions   How do you feel when you have to make a big decision?   They can feel hugely challenging for a number of reasons, certainly not just surface level.  There’s a LOT involved.    It can often feel like you’re going round and round and round in circles without actually […]

How To Get Out Of Stress Fast!

How To Get Out Of Stress Fast!   I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a little bit of a stressful year at times!   Business owners and employees alike having to think on their feet, pivot, make huge decisions, try and juggle a LOT.   Revenue streams drying up overnight.  Furlough.  […]

Time To Reframe Sales!

Time To Reframe Sales!   Sales is scary.   Sales is sleazy.   Sales is manipulative.   People who sell are untrustworthy.   People who sell are greedy, grabby, nasty…   There are SO many negative beliefs around sales.  We’ve been conditioned in so many ways.   The image of the car salesman who’s trying […]

What Is Success?

How do you measure success   Success is a funny thing.  We are so conditioned en mass and individually for what our version of success SHOULD look like.    We take everything in from society, parents and caregivers, friends, the media and we create a story about what it looks like and what it means […]

Don’t Forget The Easy Things

Don’t forget the easy things   As humans I think we love to over complicate things and make them harder than they need to be.   Business, success, relationships, making money…   The same thing applies to doing what needs to be done to make us feel good.   …And NOT doing the things that […]

Reframing Self Sabotage

Reframing Self Sabotage   Self sabotage, we all do it!   It will absolutely stop you having what you really want for your life.   That’s why I’m so passionate about helping people overcome it because it really doesn’t have to be that way.   You’re here so I know mediocre is not your thing.  […]

Important Lessons From My Garden

Important Lessons From My Garden   It’s funny isn’t it, how we can find so many common links and parallels  between so many different areas in life.   So many ‘hidden’ or not so hidden ‘messages’ in the things we do that we often miss or ignore.   So I thought I would demonstrate this […]

Common Traits Of Successful People

Common Traits Of Successful People   We all want success right?     Now, we all have our own version of what success specifically looks like but whether you want a side gig for extra income, £15k per year, 6 figures or 7 (no judgement on any, they’re ALL valid!) they’re are some key fundamental traits […]

Replay Series: Mastering Your Fear Of Judgement

Replay Series: Mastering Your Fear Of Judgement   This week I decided to bring back an oldie but a goodie based on what i’m seeing a lot of and what i’m seeing from clients too.   The fear of judgement really is one of the BIGGEST fears that will hold you back.  Really, the majority […]

Heavy Vs Light In Your Business

Heavy or light?   It’s easy to see that 2020 has been a year of ALL THE THINGS!   It’s given us an opportunity to really hone in on what we want as i’ve mentioned in a couple of other episodes recently.   So I wanted to take that a little bit further today.   […]

Do you practice what you preach?

Do you practice what you preach?   Something that I see with, pretty much, every single client I work with that has a personal service based business is this underlying feeling of a ‘need’ to always be perfect at what they teach or do.     I also see it a lot in management in the […]

How To Work Out What You Really Want

How To Work Out What You Really Want   So, you’ve realised you’re not exactly living how you want to…or doing what you want to…what now?!   This is a question that came up from one of my lovely listeners and I thought it was actually the perfect time to cover it, what with all […]

Making The Unconscious Conscious

Making the unconscious conscious   What a hugely unexpected, occasionally traumatic but hugely exciting and game changing the year 2020 has been so far.    And we’re only just half way through.   I have been LOVING watching so many people waking up to their unconscious programming in SO many ways.   Nothing makes me […]

Checking Your Unconscious Bias

Yet again there has been a LOT going on in the world and it feels heavy.  Like so many I’ve been deeply saddened by what I’ve seen.   What happened to George Flloyd is truly horrific.   You can’t ignore racism and pretend it doesn’t exist.     It exists, and if you don’t think so […]

Replay Series: Does What You Believe Even Come From You?

Replay Series: Does What You Believe Even Come From You?   Welcome back to the replay series.  I’ve been LOVING releasing these and putting a new spin on them.  I’ve had so much great feedback about how helpful they’ve been so here’s one of my favourites and how it could potentially use it to help […]

Mental Health Awareness Is For Every Day!

Mental Health Awareness Is For Every Day!   Last week was mental health awareness week, and while I LOVE these things for the increased awareness around a particular subject I don’t want things to be limited to only having the conversation at those times and then forgetting about it the rest.   Mental health is […]

Bounce Back Series: Moira Doherty, Business Coach For The Over 45s

Bounce Back Series: Moira Doherty, Business Coach For The Over 45s   Welcome back to The Bounce Back Series.  I have a treat for you today in the form of Moira Doherty, a previous client of mine who is talking the world by storm!   As a 61-year-old serial entrepreneur, she is now shining the […]

Replay Series: How To Let Go Of Certainty

Replay Series: How To Let Go Of Certainty   Welcome back to the replay series, reminding you of all the power you still have right at your finger tips, global pandemic or no global pandemic.   Certainty is a funny thing, you can listen to this with a lovely bit of hindsight to it because […]

Bounce Back Series: Caroline Carlsen, Start Up Business Mentor

Bounce Back Series: Caroline Carlsen, Start Up Business Mentor   Welcome back to The Bounce Back Series on The Positive Pants Podcast.   Today I have a little treat for you from a former client of mine, Caroline Carlsen.   We’re talking all about how to bounce back when your dream becomes more of a […]

Replay Series: Why You Need To Watch Your Thoughts!

Replay Series: Why You Need To Watch Your Thoughts!   Welcome back to the replay series of The Positive Pants Podcast.  I love this episode because it follows on so nicely from Stories and really explains why we need to make the unconscious conscious.   In this episode we talk about how your thoughts lead […]

Bounce Back Series: Lisa Johnson, Passive Income Queen

Bounce Back Series: Lisa Johnson, Passive Income Queen   Welcome back to the Bounce Back Series.  I really hope you’ve been enjoying them so far and they’ve been giving you a little bit of inspiration, hope and perhaps even a metaphorical kick up the butt.   I have a treat for you today.  My glorious […]

Replay Series: How The Stories You Tell Yourself Hold You Back!

Replay Series: How The Stories You Tell Yourself Hold You Back!   Welcome back to the replay series, hand curated episodes to remind you that you have all the tools you need at your disposal…Global pandemic or no global pandemic.   Today i’m reminding you of the importance of stories.  The deep rooted beliefs that […]

Replay: How To Get Out of Overwhelm Into Action

Replay: How To Get Out of Overwhelm Into Action   Welcome back to the replay series of previous Positive Pants Podcast episodes that are PERFECT for where we’re at right now in lockdown.   I’m continuing to highlight ALL the tools you already have in your armoury right now.  Many people have felt stuck in […]

Bounce Back Series: Nicky Booton, Confidence And Empowerment Coach

Bounce Back Series: Nicky Booton, Confidence And Empowerment Coach If you’ve ever had anything happen in your life where it’s completely floored your self esteem and you’d love to know how to get that back, along with oodles of confidence and a little joy thrown in for good measure then this is the episode for […]

Replay: How to be more resilient!

How To Be More Resilient   Resilience is one of my favourite topics because I get really excited about the fact that it’s isn’t something you just ‘have’ or ‘don’t have’, it’s absolutely a learned skill.   I found my resilience the hard way so you get to benefit from what I learned and potentially […]

The Bouncing Back Series: Jessica Lorimer, Sales Coach, Talks Bouncing Back, Pivoting and Being Honest With Yourself!

The Bouncing Back Series: Jessica Lorimer, Sales Coach, Talks Bouncing Back, Pivoting and Being Honest With Yourself!   Welcome to the very first Positive Pants Interview in the Bounce Back Series.   I aim to bring you people who will inspire you to keep going in this bonus series.  To know that no matter how […]

Replay: Why Reframing Is Your Best Friend Right Now

Replay: Why Reframing Is Your Best Friend Right Now   Reframing is one of my absolute favourite tools and something I use every day.   My ability to use this in any situation allows me to take an important step back from any initial emotion and see a situation for what it really is….or what […]

Replay: How To Stop Overthinking Everything

Today i’m bringing you back to an oldie but a goodie and something that right now, in the midst of a global pandemic, is more important than ever. I’m seeing SO much overthinking going on and it’s completely understandable but it’s causing so much more anxiety, stress and fear than is necessary.   You have […]

Replay: How To Wire Yourself For Positivity In Hard Situations With Journaling

I’ve been talking in my Insta stories (@imfranexcell) about how the tools I teach can be used time and time again, during a global pandemic or any other day,  so I wanted to re-release the key episodes that can help the most right now.   I will be coming to you with episodes on boundaries, […]

The C Word, Shame, respect and Toxicity

The C Word, Shame, respect and Toxicity   The C word is taking over every feed imaginable still, for obvious reasons!   It’s bringing out the best in some people, the worst in others.  There have definitely been a few other ‘side effects’ in society (for positive and negative) and in the business world for […]

How To Stay Calm In Uncertain Times

How To Stay Calm In Uncertain Times   There is no denying there’s a LOT going on in the world right now.    There is a lot of uncertainty and panic around Coronavirus.    The virus itself, and the financial implications and global economic implications moving forward.   It’s big stuff.    There is an […]

Are You Stuck In A Drama Triangle?

Are you stuck in a drama triangle?   Recently there have been a lot of people asking me about difficult relationships and how to handle them and how to stop feeling drained by them.  With friends, family, significant otters, employees and clients.   I see it in groups i’m in, from clients, I see it […]

Are You In The Entrepreneurial Danger Zone?

Are You In The Entrepreneurial Danger Zone?   Are you in the danger zone right now in your business or personal life?   If I were to ask you, out of ten, how you would currently rate your life what score would you give yourself?   This may sound counter intuitive but if you’re a […]

Why Managing Your Energy Is So Important!

  Your energy levels literally affect everything you do.   We can very easily get caught up in feeling like if we’re in a bad mood or feeling negative that there’s something fundamentally ‘wrong’ with us at an identity level.   Which just escalates the negative feeling right?     Then you start to beat yourself […]

What’s The One Thing?

  What’s the ONE thing that if you were to get it done, today, this week or this month, you’d be SO much closer to exactly where you want to be?   The premise of the book ‘The one thing’ by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan fits in perfectly with my year of simplifying things […]

It’s Not A Gap In Knowledge, It’s A Gap In Execution!

  It’s not a gap in your knowledge, it’s a gap in your execution.   This is something that has been coming up a lot recently, people jumping from course to course, challenge to challenge, book to book  collecting information upon information.   Doesn’t sound SO bad right??    No, and if it really IS […]

Let Go Of ‘Should’

    Time to let go of the ‘shoulds’.     ‘Should’ is hands down one of the words I hear the most from clients, from other people’s content, friends, colleagues, everyone.   I always question it and call it out nowadays.   It’s totally natural to use it.     We’ve been conditioned since we were […]

Why Do I Feel Anxiety Before Seeing Clients?

    I had an awesome question from the gorgeous Lorna who runs Norla Permanent Makeup And Beauty, this week and her question is a very common problem I see in many areas of business…and life (as always!)    So I wanted to break it down for you here so it can help you too. […]

You are not here to be average

  You are NOT here to be average.  To fit in. You’re just not.   The very fact your listening to/reading this shows that!   SCREW average!   We spend so much of our lives trying to ‘fit in’ but fitting in is exactly that.  Average.   You were meant to STAND OUT!   In […]

Why your affirmations aren’t working!

    Do you feel like you’re saying all your affirmations and they just aren’t working for you?   You’ve decided to give them a go because you’re CONSTANTLY reading about how amazing and life changing they are for other people and for some of the most successful people in the world…buuut something’s just not […]

What habits do you need to change?

What habits do you want or need to change?   I mean REALLY time to nip it in the bud.   In this sea of ‘New year, New you’ posts I thought it would be useful to highlight why 92% of ‘resolutions’ fail.  And fail pretty quickly. (Check out why I don’t think you should […]

Are you remembering to do the basics?

Are you remembering to do the basics of what makes you feel good?   The festive period is a funny time of year for so many reasons.  We’ve had Christmas now but we’re still ‘in’ it!   We’ve probably still got a lot going on and plans to make for New Year.   I personally […]

Do You Actually Know What You Want? And Why It’s So Important!

Do you actually know what you want?  From your life and from your business?   It’s easy to THINK we know what we want but when we get there we realise things aren’t exactly what they’re cracked up to be and we’ve been basing what we’re doing on so many factors, but not really on […]

Are You Committed To Your Results, Or Your Excuses?

What are you more committed to, your results, or your excuses?   Some tough love coming your way today for episode 100! YES…episode 100!   A celebration of 100 episodes of me being committed to my results, not my excuses.   Because if i’d listened to those you wouldn’t be listening to me right now.   […]

Nobody is perfect, so why are you trying to be?

  Nobody is perfect.  No matter how much they appear to have it together.   Following on from last weeks episode on comparison I think it’s important to highlight this little nugget that on the surface sounds obvious, and yet many of us spend a lot of time looking at other people thinking they have […]

How To Handle The Comparison Gremlin

  I recently asked in my group what I could help with the most right now and dealing with comparison definitely came up the most.   It wasn’t a surprise, it comes up a lot for clients, my friends in the online space and in my feed and myself of course, i’m not immune!   […]

Lessons We Can All Learn From Dr Seuss

I don’t know about you but despite being 35 years old I’ve learned some incredible lessons from Children’s books, particularly Dr Seuss, over the years, many that I think can be applicable to business and life in general.   I honestly think if you got him and AA Milne in a room together there would […]

What’s the problem, really!?

  What’s the ACTUAL problem stopping you being where you want to be right now, hmm?   This is a subject that has been coming up a LOT recently with clients.     Where we can often ‘assume’ something is the issue holding us back, when in fact it’s something completely different.   When I read […]

How to use your intuition and trust your gut

How to use your intuition and trust your gut   Do you listen to your intuition, let alone actually USE it?    You hear that whisper in the back of your mind or that feeling in your gut, but do you pay attention or ignore it?   What even is intuition anyway?!   It’s that […]

How to prioritise so you actually achieve what you want

Do you feel like you know how to prioritise your tasks well?     As always this counts for both your business and your life.   Or do you often feel like you’re spinning plates and at any moment they’re all just going to drop?!   If you struggle to see what you’re REAL priorities are […]

Don’t Fear A No!

Do you not take certain actions in your business (or your life to be fair!) because you fear getting a ‘no’?   Do you stop yourself advertising your services, or putting out a promo post because you fear the no?   We’ve all been there at some point.  I hear you.   However, after 15 […]

Don’t Get Caught In The Worry Loop

Do you often get caught in a worry loop?     When something happens (or often, hasn’t even happened yet!) and your immediate reaction is to catastrophise and think of all the worst case scenarios that could possibly happen….before they actually have.    Then, you plummet into a ‘woe is me, everything’s awful, this is 100% […]

Are you thinking big enough?

Are you currently thinking BIG enough?   In your business and your life?   Do your current goals ‘stretch’ you and take you outside of your comfort zone, or are you pretty comfortable with them and know you can hit them.     Do you stop when you do hit them??  Or do you then challenge […]

How To Have More Courage

Would you like to have more Courage?   Or do you feel like you have it in droves already?   What could you achieve if you did have more?   What would you do that you don’t currently?   I was talking with my high performance coach recently where the subject of having courage came […]

The Power Of positive Habits And Routine

Do you have a good routine set up for your day?     Do you feel productive and in control?     Or, like you’re winging it, getting nothing done and unable to change old habits?   Have you recently gone full time in your business and you’re wondering where your mojo and ability to actually get […]

Why self discipline is the key to success

How much self discipline do you have?   Not having self discipline will mean things take much longer to achieve, if you ever do!    It’s the difference between WANTING what you want and HAVING what you want.   In a world where the reward of instant gratification is everywhere, mastering self discipline is a […]

How can you change your state quickly?

Ever had those moments when you’re in a mood or you’re feeling tired but you know you need to change your state of mind and get stuff done?  You have a client call or have to do a live and you’re just not feeling it! Or you just want to find your mojo and ‘snap’ […]

What Happens When You Stretch Your Comfort Zone

I always like to tell people how all the unicorns, rainbows and magic live outside your comfort zone, and I 100% know that to be true.    All the good stuff happens when you get over yourself and push yourself further than you thought you could go.   So i’m someone who knows this and […]

Are You Being Yourself

Are you being truly yourself?   This is an important topic at the moment with so much noise in the online business space.   I recently did a post on Instagram, if you’re not following me over there you may rectify that now @franexcellcoach 😉 and it really seemed to hit a nerve with people. […]

Are you using the resources you already have?

Are you using the resources that you currently already have, to get to where you want to be?   Or are you stuck in a loop of reading all the books, taking all the courses, going to all the events, taking all the advice and yet nothing is really changing?   Most of us have […]

Are the beliefs holding you back even yours?

Are the beliefs you hold so tightly onto, even yours?   Are you thinking, what are you banging on about, of course my beliefs are mine?!   Well, We’re actually born with just two innate fears.  Just two.   Falling, and loud noises.  You can see how they’re designed to keep us safe and…alive!   […]

How To Avoid No Shows And Being Ghosted!

Have you ever had someone be a no show to a discovery call?     Or agree to sign up to your services to then just ghost you afterwards never to be heard from again, or even one step further, blocking you? Yet you have NO idea what you’ve done?   I’m willing to bet you […]

How To Stop Over complicating Your Business And Simplify

Stop over complicating things in your business.  It really is time to simplify a few things.   One of the biggest things I see holding business owners back, is over complicating things that could be a LOT easier if we just looked at them a slightly different way.   There are a huge amount of […]

How To Take Time Off To Do Things That Bring You Joy, Guilt Free!

How much guilt free joy do you have in your life right now? Or even just time for yourself?   Considering how many clients and people that I meet ask me how to have it, i’m guessing you’d say not enough right now.   Most of the time, when we’re in a job and enjoying […]

What are your secondary gains?

What are your secondary gains for staying in a negative situation or behaviour pattern?   What are the positive paybacks for your negative situation?  If you’re really struggling to get out of it then it’s highly likely there is a secondary gain to you NOT getting out of it.   So, let’s start with…what is […]

Stop saying you can’t afford it

There are two things we need to stop telling ourselves that I see come up time and time again.  The ‘I can’t afford it’, and the ‘I don’t have time’ chat.   I’ve talked about this in previous episodes but I wanted to delve a little deeper into this and why it’s so important we […]

How To Overcome Resistance.

That feeling of resistance you feel when you’re starting to go outside your comfort zone is inevitable.  But you CAN overcome it.   It’s part of the process.     Right now it probably feels like a heavy, negative feeling, full of emotion and all the things you’re making it mean.  All the negative thoughts of […]

Where Are You Delaying Your Success?

Where are you delaying your success? Right now? In this moment!  I bet you there’s somewhere!   Now, my last episode was all about the power of patience so you might be thinking, hang on…you said to be patient and now it sounds like you’re telling me to hurry up?!   Quite the contrary.   […]

Patience Is A Virtue, So Why Is It So Bloomin Hard!

. Patience is a virtue right? It is. But it can also be so damn hard to practice! Patience is something we tend to need in droves when we’re making any big changes or starting or running a business…but it can be one of the hardest things that we do. Go figure!   Now please! […]

Where are you learning…but not doing?

Where are you learning but not DOING?   Where are you stuck in learning mode, paralysed in inaction by the ‘I don’t know enough yet’ gremlin?   If you know that’s you, don’t panic.   I can identify with this one BIG time, as a constant collector of qualifications who’s obsessed with learning more and […]

Find YOUR Way To Run Your Business!

Find YOUR way to run your own business.     Are you running and marketing your business based on the ‘exact 10 steps’ someone else used?     Or using techniques with an energy of ‘this doesn’t feel right’ but doing it anyway because it’s worked for other people?     How’s it working out […]

Why taking responsibility is so important in business and in life

  Why taking responsibility is so important in business and in life   Most of us know that taking responsibility is important in life, but are you actually doing it?   Taking responsibility for your part to play in what happens and in your own outcomes.   Let me be clear, responsibility is NOT about […]

34 Things people don’t tell you about starting a business

 There are a TONNE of things people don’t tell you about starting a business.   You see the #filter most of the time on social media from other entrepreneurs and they make it look ohhh so easy. Then you get started, all of a sudden you realise it wasn’t QUITE as easy as they […]

Why The Little Things Are The Big Things

  Do you forget about stopping to notice the awesome little things in your life? The things that really make life enjoyable?   Let’s be honest the little things ARE the big things. They’re what makes the difference between enjoying life and not enjoying it and there’s so much we can miss if we don’t […]

Why Boundaries Are So Important In Your Business

Do you put boundaries in place in your business and in your life? Are people clear about what’s acceptable and what’s not? This could be with employees or contractors that you work with.   It could be with your kids.   It could be with your spouse.   It could be with your friends or […]

When To Leave Your Job And Go Full Time In Your Business

I get asked a LOT about when the best time to leave a job is to go full time in your business. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I did this before and jumped straight into scarcity mode and panic and it, along with all the other mindset gremlins my brain […]

How To Think Like A Successful Business Owner

Are you thinking like a successful business owner? Do you think like a successful business owner? Think about that for a second. Do you THINK, therefore, FEEL, take the ACTION of and get the RESULTS of a successful business owner? For me this is one of THE biggest pieces of the puzzle. 20% strategy, 80% […]

How To Deal With Needing A Sick Day When You’re Running A Business

How to deal with needing a sick day when you’re running a business How do you deal with REALLY needing a sick day when you’re running your business. Too many of us do the hustle, hustle, hustle and feel like we can’t take any time off and that does nothing good for our health…especially when […]

Is The Fear Of Success Holding You Back?

Is The Fear Of Success Holding You Back? Do you fear your own success? You’re probably thinking, ‘WHAT? No, of course not, it’s everything i’m working towards why on earth would I fear getting everything I want, you crazy?’ Right? Well, you might be surprised to know that this is one of THE most common […]

Stop Listening To Everyone

Stop listening to everyone, because you’re hearing no one. The online business space is LOUD and the noise can be deafening at times, especially if you’re listening to multiple people, multiple voices and multiple, often conflicting advice and points of view. Listening to and following everyone causes you to have too many things and too […]

Why perspective is the key to success

Why perspective is the key to success So much in life and in your business is all down to perspective. It really is a key skill that if you learn it, can propel you to success in business AND in life.   Dictionary Definition Please! According to the Oxford Dictionary Perspective is ‘A particular attitude […]

The Power of language and Watching what you say!

The Power of language and Watching what you say! Language is SO freaking powerful and we completely underestimate how it can shape our world and we can really take its power for granted. In this post I’m going to be merely scratching the surface of what’s possible for you when you can learn to master […]

Story Time…my story and how it relates to you

Recently when I put a post out in my Instagram stories (If you’re not following me already head over to @franexcellcoach pronto!) asking what people wanted to hear from me and my story was a clear winner.   And one I’d shied away from for a while. I share tidbits of who I was before […]

When Life Happens and You’ve Got to show up!

We’ve all been there. We’ve got a TONNE to do and then….life happens. A spanner in the works, the proverbial hitting the fan if you will. We can slip right back into the negative thought patterns we’ve been trying to break and it affects every other area of our lives. This is something that has […]

Don’t Fear The Haters

Don’t Fear The Haters Do you not put certain things out because of fear of what ‘haters’ or ‘trolls’ might say? Do you worry about people criticizing what you have to say or being downright mean?   Is it about what you’re saying?  Your services or products themselves?  How you look? How you sound? All […]

How To Create More Focus In Your Business

Do you have focus in your business?   Or….more of a scattergun approach of doing all the things all the time with all the tabs open and feeling like you’re not getting ANYTHING done? You’re not alone! Creating or having focus is something I think we MASSIVELY over complicate and is often a symptom of […]

How To Maintain Motivation

I get asked a lot about how you can maintain motivation while going after your goals, even through the tough bits. When you start you get that initial burst of motivation when you get all excited and fired up to achieve what you want and then all of a sudden when you start taking action, […]

The Thing About Stress

Stress is something that can catch us all at one point or another no matter the job/business/industry. Having attended a huge conference for entrepreneurs in the UK back in November and through working with female business owners something has become very clear to me. Too many people running their own businesses are STRESSED!   I […]

How To Balance A Job AND A Business Without Going Insane

How to balance a job and grow your business…without going insane! Are you juggling and trying to balance a job AND a business? The struggle is REAL….but it doesn’t have to be and I want to help you think differently and more positively about it. Firstly, If you’ve been with me for a while you’ll […]

Why You Need To Stop The Blame Game

Why you need to stop the blame game Are you playing the blame game? Who or what are you blaming for your circumstances? Or for you feeling a certain way? When we blame things outside of ourselves, that’s exactly where the responsibility stays. Outside yourself. You take away your own control over the situation. You’re […]

Why Does It Always Feels So Hard Making A Change

Why does it always feels so hard making a change Ever tried making a change or do something new and it feels so hard that you wonder why you’re bothering? Wondering why other people make the same thing look totally effortless and yet for you…it’s like you’re constantly fighting a losing battle with yourself? Annoying […]

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

Why you need to pay attention to your thoughts I’m going to kick this off with a Chinese proverb. ‘Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of […]

What is your comfort zone costing you?

What is your comfort zone costing you? What is it actually costing you to stay in your comfy cozy comfort zone? I see so often people fearing the things outside their comfort zone in favour of saying where they’re at in life and in their business. The thing is, it’s comfortable yes…but are you happy […]

When You’re Exhausted & Feeling Burnt Out!

When you’re exhausted and feeling burnt out If you’re feeling exhausted and on your way to burnout, teary eyed and wondering why things aren’t easier…I feel you! When you’re waking up in the morning wanting to cry into your cheerios feeling not so cheery and wondering how you’ll make it to next year in tact […]

Are You Creating A Business You Actually Want?

Are you creating a business you actually want? Do you actually want the business you’re creating? I know, weird question…of COURSE you want it right?   Why else would you be slogging your guts out evenings and weekends and sacrificing time with your loved ones if you didn’t? Well, what if you want a business […]

What if you’re finding your positive pants but your partner is still negative?

What if you’re finding your positive pants but your partner is still negative? What if you’re on your own personal development journey to find your positive pants and doing everything you can to make a change but your other half is still being negative? I recently got asked in my lovely Proactive Pants Mastermind group […]

Where are you not taking action in your business?

Where are you not taking action? Are you taking action towards the things you want? So often I see people up to the eyeballs in strategy, but not doing anything with it. You know what to do….you’re just not doing it! You can tie yourself up in knots trying to be in all the places […]

How to not feel lonely in your business

How to not feel lonely in your business Have you felt lonely since starting your business? This is a subject that keeps coming up for people at the moment. Entrepreneurs really struggling with feeling lonely, isolated, like they don’t have a support network, someone to turn to or someone to just chat to that can […]

Let Go Of Perfectionism

Let go of perfectionism Perfectionism is a BIG mindset gremlin when it comes to getting yourself and your business out there into the big wide world.   It’s a HUGE thing that I see holding people back in their businesses all the time. I can tell you now it’s a sure fire way to never […]

How to set goals that work for YOU

How to set goals that work for YOU Do you set goals in your business? Or your life? Or do you just wing it and hope for the best? What is a goal even REALLY? Well, the definition is ‘the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.’ But I think […]

Let Go Of Certainty

Let Go Of Certainty Certainty is something that I see so many entrepreneurs craving. So many people who are trying to go after their dreams and change their lives for the better want that thing that says ‘this is absolutely 100% going to work out just as you plan, go for it!.’ But the reality […]

Why Accountability Is Essential In Your Business

Why Accountability Is Essential In Your Business Accountability is one of the number one things you need as an entrepreneur, or whenever you’re trying to achieve a big goal. Unless you’re a super action taking unicorn that’s just go, go, go and never has any wobbles.   When you’re your own boss, or simply trying […]

How to Charge Your Worth

How to Charge Your Worth Do you charge your worth? Or are you constantly discounting your rates and trying to throw in ‘and the kitchen sink’ bonuses so you can feel like you’re actually ‘worth’ what you’re charging? Not charging your worth is something that comes up time and time again from my audience.  I […]

The importance of feeling your feelings

The importance of feeling your feelings I know how easy it is when you’re intentionally trying to be more positive about things to try and ‘force’ it and not allow yourself to really feel your feelings.   You think that when you’re feeling a bit rubbish to try and push it down as far as […]

What stories are you telling yourself?

What stories are you telling yourself? What ‘stories’ are you telling yourself? As humans we are natural storytellers. We go through life telling them, believing them and picking them up from other people and our experiences as we go along. But the ‘stories’ i’m talking about here aren’t necessarily the ones you might tell out […]

Why Mindset isn’t a ‘nice to have’ as an entrepreneur

Why Mindset isn’t a ‘nice to have’ as an entrepreneur Do you work on your mindset? I see time and time again in the online space that mindset work is seen as a ‘nice to have’. It’s something you KNOW you need to work on (because you also know that it’s holding you back!) but […]

How to recognise overwhelm

How to recognise overwhelm Uh oh…here comes overwhelm!  Are you always feeling like you’re ‘spinning your wheels’?   Like you just can’t keep up or that everything is going wrong, you’re SO busy but nothing is getting done?   Feeling like you have to rush everything or just don’t know where to start?   Overwhelm […]

Why nothing changes unless you do

Why nothing changes unless you do Time for a change? I’m going to open this one with a Tony Robbins quote. ‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get What you’ve always gotten’ We all want things to change right?  To live our best lives, to be successful, to not let mindset gremlins get […]

Why should you be kind

 Why should you be kind Could you be a little more kind? Genuine question. If you’ve been with me for a while you’ll know I like to talk a lot about random acts of kindness and all the amazing benefits that performing them has for both you, the person you’re kind to but also […]

Why there’s no such thing as failure!

Why there is no such thing as failure There really is no such thing as failure.   What?! I hear you cry! Of course there’s such a thing as failure…I’m absolutely freaking terrified of it. I hear you, I do.  That’s exactly the way I used to think. It used to get me too! I […]

Why your Fear of Judgement is holding you back

 Why your Fear of Judgement is holding you back Fear of judgement is the NUMBER ONE fear stopping entrepreneurs pushing forward and getting visible in their business.   When I created an online poll asking ‘what is the number one thing holding you back in your business’ by FAR the number one thing that […]

Shiny Object Syndrome and how to avoid it

Shiny Object Syndrome and how to avoid it Shiny object syndrome is REAL.  And something that will hit us all at some point as an entrepreneur. OK it’s not anything to do with literal shiny things…but it may as well be.   It’s the idea of getting distracted by the next thing that we ‘need’ […]

How Gratitude can change your life.

How Gratitude can change your life. Gratitude is one of my favourite subjects and something i really do credit with turning my mindset and my life around 4 years ago. It has however, become a bit of a buzz word recently and something that is being now deemed to be a bit ‘fluffy’.   So […]

Why visualisation isn’t woo woo…and how it can help you achieve anything

Why visualisation isn’t woo woo…and how it can help you achieve anything! Visualisation has been considered pretty woo-woo for many many years…but is it really? In a word…no. Visualisation literally increases the strength of your neural connections and allows your brain to believe you are already doing the thing you’re visualising. It increases your confidence, […]

When your friends don’t support your business

When your friends don’t support your business When you’re in the throws of being soooo excited about your shiny new business and the new life you’re creating for yourself it’s easy to assume that your friends and loved ones will be super happy for you and super supportive.   But what if they’re not? Sometimes […]

How we self sabotage and how to overcome it

How we self sabotage and how to overcome it What is self sabotage? It’s literally when you sabotage yourself either consciously or unconsciously. It’s anything that gets in our way to achieving what we want to, that we have put in our way ourselves.  This can be thoughts, actions, behaviour, emotions, anything really that actively […]

The Top 7 Inevitable Entrepreneurial Mindset Gremlins

Top 7 Inevitable Entrepreneurial Mindset Gremlins Ahhhh the pesky inevitable entrepreneurial mindset gremlins. They can really hold you back, keep you stuck in self sabotage and stop you from taking action that you KNOW you need to. We all know how getting stuck in procrastination frustration, feeling overwhelmed, full of self doubt and comparing ourselves […]

Why multitasking is bad…and why you don’t have time for it!

Why multitasking is bad…and why you don’t have time for it! Do you wear your ability to multitask as a badge of honour? But yet always feel a little bit like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting enough done? You may be surprised to hear that it’s actually bad for your brain in the […]

How to Be More Positive In Your Job…So Your Business Can Finally Take Off

How to Be Happier In Your Job…so your business can finally take off! OK, here we go.  How you can and why you NEED to be more positive in your job! I feel pretty passionate about this subject because I wholeheartedly believe no one should…or has to feel miserable for 70% of their waking life. […]

How To Get Out Of Overwhelm And Into Action

How to Not stop feeling overwhelmed and start taking action on a big task   Really trying to achieve something big but feeling overwhelmed and trapped in that state of not doing anything instead? Feeling Overwhelmed can really make you procrastinate.   Procrastination IS the thief of joy, it will stop you doing those things […]

Why Can’t I stick to Journaling?

Why Can’t I stick to Journaling? OK, so you’re on board with the fact that journaling can change your life.   You’re on board with the fact you WANT to do it daily. But, you manage a few days, a couple of weeks and you’re feeling good….then you skip a couple of days…then before you […]

Why is being positive so important when starting a business?

Why is being positive so important when starting a business? Do you struggle to feel positive? Trying to start your dream business on the side but often it feels like you’re pushing water uphill? You’re still in a toxic corporate job and KNOW you’re capable of so much more…and that there’s more to life than […]

Should you be positive all the time?

Should you be positive all the time?   The power of positivity! Ahhh! When you hear people saying ‘just think positive’ you want to give them a punch in the nose, because you feel anything but.   You WANT to feel positive and THINK positive but you just can’t seem to! Negativity is just ingrained […]

Why is mindfulness beneficial to you and your work

 Why is mindfulness beneficial to you and your work Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzz word in recent times, even though it spans back thousands of years and has it’s roots in Buddhism, we’ve only just cottoned on to just how amazingly beneficial it is in all areas of life. Yet, there […]

What to do when you feel like giving up on your dream business

What to do when you feel like giving up on your dream business Have you got a case of the business blues? Feeling like giving up? That feeling when you’ve got to a certain point and feel like you’re not seeing the results you want, getting frustrated, working all hours and juggling all the plates […]

How to NOT let fear hold you back

How to NOT let fear hold you back Fear can be very pesky.  It’s something that can really get in the way of a good thing.   Stop you in your tracks. Hold you back from your own greatness. It can make you procrastinate and stop you moving towards your goal.  Usually leaving you frustrated, […]

Personal Development Books For New Entrepreneurs

Best Personal Development Books For New Entrepreneurs When you’re making a big life change, like starting your own business, there is one thing that you need that all too often gets overlooked. Personal Development. I believe it’s absolutely fundamental to being successful.   You need to work on making sure your mindset, thoughts and self-belief […]

Journal Prompts for increasing confidence and self belief

Journal Prompts for increasing confidence and self-belief Using Journal prompts can be a great way of shifting your focus and your mindset for the better.  It also takes away the awkward ‘staring at a blank page’ moment when you just don’t know what to write. When you want to achieve big things in life we […]

How to love yourself more

How to love yourself more “The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.” – Steve Maraboli Self love is SO important.  Lack of confidence and self doubt leading to all those pesky negative thoughts about yourself is something I need to work on with my clients all the time. Positive […]

How to do a digital declutter…and why you should do it for a positive mindset!

How to do a digital declutter…and why you should do it for a positive mindset! Why should you do a digital declutter? So what does a digital declutter have to do with a positive mindset? We all know what it feels like to not feel organised.  Not good right?  You feel stressed out, overwhelmed, you […]

Journaling Basics, Most Frequently Asked Questions

6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Journaling Now, Journaling is my ‘Jam’…it’s what I credit with completely turning my life around when I was in my own little pit of negativity behaving like Eeyore on a bad day. It helped me find my positive pants, pull em up and start actually living my life again! […]

How to find out your values

Why are values important? Value work is SO important in coaching and it’s SO important for us to know our values just going about our daily lives..   When you know what your values are it can help you make decisions that are in line with them. When you’re feeling ‘off’ or ‘meh’, when you […]

16 ways to stop procrastinating and get stuff done

 “Procrastination is the thief of time” – Edward Young Ahhh procrastination….the thing that gets in the way of all those things we want to do or need to do but just can’t seem to ourselves. Procrastination often rears its ugly head because of, among other things, overwhelm, fear of failure, lack of motivation, not […]

23 ways to increase your self confidence

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” — Marilyn Monroe Do you struggle with your confidence? Do you feel like it holds you back from doing things that you want to achieve? Going places you want to go? Guess what…it doesn’t have to stay that way! You can actually […]

13 ways to find more time in your day

Are you always saying you don’t have enough time? Wish you had an extra couple of hours in the day? It’s time to get honest about how you’re spending it! What or who is a sneaky little time suck for you? How long do you spend surfing the internet, perusing social media? Do you watch too […]

How to reframe any situation

What is reframing? Reframing is a VERY cool little NLP technique that helps you completely change the way you think about something simply by looking at it another way and therefore changing the way you feel about it. You can turn a negative into a positive, a problem into a lesson/opportunity, a weakness into a […]

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