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Making The Unconscious Conscious

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Making the unconscious conscious


What a hugely unexpected, occasionally traumatic but hugely exciting and game changing the year 2020 has been so far. 


And we’re only just half way through.


I have been LOVING watching so many people waking up to their unconscious programming in SO many ways.


Nothing makes me happier, why? 


My favourite quote is why!


Carl Jung said ‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’


So what does this mean in practical terms?  


Until you question things that you do or think unconsciously, or work out where they came from those things will dictate your entire life.


The thoughts you have, the feelings you have, the behaviour you exhibit, the actions you take and the results you get. 


Literally how you shape your life for the positive and the negative. (You can see where the Law of Attraction comes in without it’s wishy washy coating!)


SO….why is this so exciting to me?!


When something stops being unconscious you get to CONSCIOUSLY choose differently.


It gives you back choice.


It makes you understand you always had one all along…but you just didn’t know it!


It means CHANGE can happen.


It means you have no choice but to take responsibility for your part in where you are…which is a GOOD thing!


It means you can now create the life you want.


Being in lockdown and catapulted out of our usual routines, habits, ways of thinking has meant a huge amount of people have taken a little step back and gone…hang on a minute!


They have had the time and the space to think and actually analyse the way they do things.


Not only for them as individuals but across the board on a global scale.


We’re ‘waking up’ so to speak of the ways we are unconsciously conditioned in so many ways via the media, our own social circles, education, the government, employment.  All of it.


We’ve all had to look at things and think about them differently.


THAT’S Why i’m excited because it’s a HUGE space for change.


What does this mean for you personally?


You get to think about what you REALLY want.  You get to challenge what you’ve been told is possible and decide for yourself.


Are you building something for your life based on what you want? Or, what you think you can have?


You get to question your beliefs around yourself and realise how much of it’s just not true.  It’s not come from you.  


We take so many seemingly small instances when we’re young.  Make it mean something, generalise it out and then let it govern your life going forwards.


That’s the stuff you need to break out from.  


That’s the stuff that’s stopping you getting the results you want.


And when you make that unconscious stuff CONSCIOUS…that’s when the fun happens.


So think about all the things you’ve told yourself your whole life. 


It’s open season!


You get to challenge it all if you want to.


That’s not something to be overwhelmed by, it’s SO exciting.


It’s great for you personally and challenging this stuff is good for the whole world.


You get to challenge your bias.  You get to see people differently. You get to see situations differently.  You get to live from a place that’s so much more truthful, honest and authentic to who YOU are and what you REALLY believe. 


It’s going to open up so many doors to so much potential.


You’re going to be based more in reality than you ever have been.


When you wake up to the fact that so many things you’ve told yourself,  So many things that other people have told you, are just not true then it’s very difficult to just ignore that and carry on as you were.


So…you may have been having a few, ‘Hang on, that doesn’t make sense’ conversations in your head.


So what do you do with them?


Get out the old journal or start yourself a google doc my friends, whatever floats your boat.


When you start to realise, or at least start to understand that we’re all ‘programmed’ from birth,  that we don’t have that conscious rationalising filter until we’re about 8 years old so much weight can be lifted from your shoulders.


It’s not your ‘fault’.


Some of this programming is positive, some is negative.


You learn what’s ‘normal’ and ‘safe’ through what you observe.


What you hear, see and behaviour that you model.


This shapes how you show up in relationships, jobs, communities, family, friendships, with money, what’s right and wrong, where you sit in the world.  All of it.


This then gets programmed into our subconscious and we continue to live on auto pilot.  So you can see how something you learned as a child becomes how you behave as an adult.


How many of you are feeling empathy over anger for those ex boyfriends who didn’t know any better now HA!


Most of this programming is disempowering. 


But now you DO know, you get to choose where you live from.   Do you want to live from your conscious or your unconscious??


So where do you start?


Start with unearthing a few of those beliefs or bias’ and see if they serve you or hurt you.


How do you perceive yourself?


What do you believe is possible for you?


What do you believe about money?


What do you believe about success?


What do you believe about relationships?


What do you believe about society?


What do you believe about women or men?


How do you feel around people who are different to you?


It’s not just the thoughts, it’s the feelings you need to look for and pay attention to.  What makes you feel uncomfortable or safe?


You really are capable of anything and you’re capable of living a life beyond your wildest dreams when you start looking into this stuff.




When you unearth this stuff you’ll see why the strategy hasn’t been working. 


You’ll understand why you can’t get yourself to do certain tasks that you know will move you forwards.


You’ll see why the same things seem to keep happening.


You’ll see why you haven’t put yourself forwards for certain things.


Aristotle said “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”


For all you parents out there realising what’s at stake. Don’t panic.  You alone are not responsible. You have little control over what a child makes something ‘mean’ to them.


But with awareness, what an opportunity.


My wonderful friend Francesca created The Happy Self Journal which is a GREAT place to start and something you can bring into your lives as a family.


Start with what are they watching, reading, listening to, is it messaging you want them to have?


The younger generation is where societal change can REALLy be affected.  


You can see it happening now.  All the images of children taking part in Black Lives Matter.  All the kids who are taking the environment seriously. All these kids with big ideas and big dreams.




Go through the exercise and really challenge yourself with your questions.  The more you can get your conscious mind to observe these unconscious thoughts, excuses, beliefs, bias etc.  Listen to what you tell yourself.


Seek new knowledge and stop accepting everything as absolute fact.  Your brain is always going to find you the evidence to support what you believe.


So seek other viewpoints. 


Find new knowledge.


Use repetition to create NEW thought habits. 


Choose where you spend your time wisely.


Be mindful of what you consume, the media you choose, movies you watch, what you listen to, read etc.  


What is helpful and what’s not?


2020 has brought a HUGE amount to the surface. And, yes…that really does make me SO flippin excited and I can’t wait to see the positive changes that can come from it all.


This isn’t about being ‘wrong’.  This work can be hugely enlightening but also draining.  You’re used to saving SO much energy being on autopilot self care needs to be a priority, being kind to yourself and other people is a priority,


Change is hard.


Change is messy.


But it can be oh so beautiful, and you’re the one in control.


So what do you want and how do you want to live?


And if you want my help on your journey to unpicking this stuff so you can quit the self sabotage…then book in a call to see if we’re a good fit.




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