Replay Series: Mastering Your Fear Of Judgement - Fran Excell Mindset and Productivity Mentor

Replay Series: Mastering Your Fear Of Judgement

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Replay Series: Mastering Your Fear Of Judgement


This week I decided to bring back an oldie but a goodie based on what i’m seeing a lot of and what i’m seeing from clients too.


The fear of judgement really is one of the BIGGEST fears that will hold you back.  Really, the majority of other fears feed into this one.


The fear of success, the fear of failure, fear of visibility.


Short and simple, if you don’t master it it will stop you from getting what you want, and we can’t have that can we!


IT’s time to really take a step back and realise what it is at it’s core so we can break some of that emotional connection that will drive your behaviour.


Time and time and time again once a client masters this, reframes it and changes their perspective and starts taking action everything becomes easier.


They start flying in their business.


They start sending me my favourite kinds of messages which I call the ‘OMG messages’.


Those messages of ‘OMG you’ll never believe what i’ve just done’, or ‘you’ll never believe what’s just happened’.  And they’re usually instances where they’ve surprised themselves with their boldness, their confidence.  They’re doing the things they never thought they could and really seeing the change that mastering this stuff makes, and it’s magic.


So now it’s your turn.






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