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1:1 mentoring

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Fran Excell Certified Mindset Coach and Mentor

Let’s finally shift and re-wire those thought processes so you’re not standing in your way.

When 95-99% of what we do on a daily basis is run by our unconscious it’s important to understand what programmes, patterns and habits are running so we can bring them to the surface and actually change them…for good!

We’ll be going deep into your thought processes, analysing your belief systems, re-training your brain and getting you to look at life through a totally different lens. We’ll also look at your current business model, how to increase your productivity and look for areas where we can simplify and organise things to create some important headspace based on what holds you back and stops you taking action.

And I’ll be in your pocket every step of the way! 😉 Literally.

I designed my 1:1 packages specifically for this. When the format of an hour in the diary each week can ADD to overwhelm, and mean that all those little moments where a real change could be made IN or CLOSE to the moment itself get missed, it doesn’t make sense for me to run that way.

Doing this work won’t just have a hugely positive effect on your business…it will change your whole life for the better because if you change a pattern in one area, it filters through to everything else, it’s time to find your positive pants and get out of your own way!

I’ve been working with Fran for over a year now. It’s been brilliant to know that I can send my VIP strategy clients to her when they have any kind of mindset blocks that they need to work through and know that I have the best coach to help them through it. And many times it has meant the difference between someone being able to have amazing results or average results. Fran is approachable, brilliant at communication and just really easy to work with (she’s also just a really nice fun person to know!)”

Lisa Johnson – multi 7 Figure Business Coach – https://lisajohnsoncoaching.co.uk/

The practical stuff you get:

  • 1.5 hour intensive call (over zoom) every month, recorded and sent to you for reference
  • Unlimited Voxer access (You can Vox me 24 hours per day whenever ANY questions, thoughts, obstacles or wobbles come up, I respond Mon-Fri between 9am and 6pm)​ It’s literally like having me in your pocket! ​(If you’re not sure what Voxer is it’s kind of like Whatsapp but mainly voicenotes so you can literally talk things through to me)
  • At a minimum, we’ll have check ins on Mondays with ​the actions you want to take for the week, a Wednesday check in and on Fridays where we can celebrate what you’ve achieved and troubleshoot if things haven’t quite happened as planned so you are fully supported all the way!


  • 6 month Accelerator programme – £8,500 (or instalments of £1,416 per month)
  • 4 month starter programme – £6,250 (or instalments of £1,562 per month)
  • In person day (plus 2 weeks Voxer access for implementation) – £3,250 to be held in London or online 9.30-5.30 (payment plans available at request)
  • In person 1/2 day (plus 1 week Voxer access) – £1,850 to be held in London or online 1.30 -5.30 (payment plans available at request)
  • SOS intensive/continuity (for previous clients) – Where you need focus on ONE specific problem/block and get through it QUICK! – 1.5 hr call and 2 weeks of Voxer access – £895

If you need something bespoke please do reach out.

(Payment plans available)

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