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Replay: How To Stop Overthinking Everything

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Today i’m bringing you back to an oldie but a goodie and something that right now, in the midst of a global pandemic, is more important than ever.

I’m seeing SO much overthinking going on and it’s completely understandable but it’s causing so much more anxiety, stress and fear than is necessary.


You have so much more control over your own situation than you give yourself credit for and getting yourself into a loop of overthinking is not going to help.  We need to try and shift it from overthinking into simplified critical thinking, going outside of the box.


If you’re in one of these loops right now, I 100% feel you.  This used to rule my life.  When we lost everything 6 years ago I remember it very vividly.  It almost makes you feel like you’re being productive in some way to overthink.  You think you’re protecting yourself and trying to prepare for every potential outcome.  But the reality is, a little bit of surrender is needed.


We all want to know what’s coming round the corner but we can’t right now.  No one has the answer except you.   You can only do what you can do, it’s time we drop the rest. and shift how we’re thinking.  Shift the focus to the areas that are going to be so much more helpful for you in the longrun!


So I hope this helps.


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