Replay Series: How The Stories You Tell Yourself Hold You Back! - Fran Excell Mindset and Productivity Mentor

Replay Series: How The Stories You Tell Yourself Hold You Back!

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Replay Series: How The Stories You Tell Yourself Hold You Back!


Welcome back to the replay series, hand curated episodes to remind you that you have all the tools you need at your disposal…Global pandemic or no global pandemic.


Today i’m reminding you of the importance of stories.  The deep rooted beliefs that we have that create the stories we tell ourselves as ‘fact.’


So have a listen and while you do have a think about the stories you’re telling yourself right now about what you can and can’t do and more specifically WHY.  Start to challenge them.  Are they really true?  Even at first view if it looks like they are?


For example, if you have a business, what are you telling yourself about sales right now?  It’s not ethical to sell?  Nobody is buying?  It’s not the right time for people? Really dig in and work out what they are because I can guarantee you they’re either propelling you forward or holding you right back.


Here’s the original episode for you if you’re more of a reader!




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